The Godpack was yet another attempt of the High Evolutionary to create a race of immortal beings. This attempt appeared to be successful, although, the current whereabouts of the team remains unknown. The Evolutionary referred to his creations as Godlings.

After recovering from the grave wounds he received from the newly born Celestial in the Black Galaxy, the Evolutionary returned to Earth, inspired to create a new group of New Men, since he had come to grips with the failure of his last attempts at this task. During his erratic entry back to the planet he caused a bus carrying convicted felons to crash, feeling responsible for this tragic event, he managed to keep the survivors in suspended animation, in a chamber created during the Evolutionary War, while he set forth on his mission to create a group of New Men by using animals that had disappeared from the zoon Simbus (a lion), Tantro (an elephant), and Urson-Wellz (a panther), although they were formidable warriors, they did not satisfy his desire or expectations.

He continued on and created bio-pools much like the one used to create the Immortals, and he submerged in the convicts into the pool creating god-like beings. The first was a female that he fashioned after the Thunder God, Thor. She would later become known as Blitziana, which is from the German word for lightening. The next to be submerged into the pool was a male who was named after the Teutonic Fire Gods, he was dubbed Loga, who was fashioned after Loki, god of mischief, however, Loga did not possess his evil nature. Following him was Luminor, godling of light, who was fashioned after Balder the Brave. The next being to emerge from the bio-pool was Bella, he possessed the berserker rage of a true warrior and he possessed a double edge axe in-place of his right hand. Following Bella was Zefra, a female that was as swift as the winds. She was followed by Anak, he was named after the giants of biblical lore and according to the Asgardian Thor, his power rivaled that of the Olympian god Hercules. The last person to emerge from the bio-pool was Riger, who was much smaller than his brethren, but he was a gifted inventor.

Thor referred to the group as the Godpack, which the members were more comfortable with and they adopted the name. The group’s first battle was with the New Men, which were led by the Evolutionary’s first creation the Man-Beast, who had now taken the name of Karnivore. This battle was won by the Godpack with the aid of Thor. Seconds before this battle Thor found Doctor Donald Blake trapped in the tunnels of Wundagore. Jane Foster appeared there as well. Blitziana who had a great dislike for Thor, started to show signs of jealousy towards Jane Foster, Blitziana eventually fought Thor, who was impressed with her strength, although she lacked battle experience and control of her powers. The behemoth Grotesk would lead the ruthless Lava Men against Thor, but he would be rescued by the Godpack, and together they made quick work of the underground interlopers. Although, there was little time to rest, because the Pack was soon attacked by the Kronans, also known as the Stone Men of Saturn. Just as it seemed that the Pack had the upper-hand, a gigantic dragon appeared out of nowhere. However, he was defeated by the overwhelming light powers of Luminor, revealing that the dragon was merely an illusion. After this confrontation the Evolutionary informed the Pack of the coming attack by the New Immortals, who were being led by Nobilus, Zon and Juvan they were also joined by the once loyal Lord Tagar. The Pack agreed to join the Evolutionary in traveling into space to battle them, for the sake of saving the planet.

Later, after Kurse freed Hela’s minions from Hel, through the manipulation of Malekith the Accursed. The Godpack came to the rescue of the Thunder god, who was under attack and over powered in the city of New York.

Base of Operations
  • Base of Operations

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