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Allegedly a sentient quantum singularity, Singularity can teleport dozens of people vast distanes, fly, cross dimensional barriers, and use osmosis to absorb objects or people into her form, within which a pocket universe apparently exists. She can expand into an energy field several yards wide and alter her humanoid appearance at least to the extent of reshaping her facial features.




Following the collapse of the Multiverse, the silent being later called Singularity fell from the sky to Doctor Victor von Doom’s reality mosaic Battleworld, landing on the island-domain of Arcadia, her body apparently composed of space itself. Found by sorceress Nico Minoru, the two quickly became friends. The child-like girl enjoyed having a ribbon tied in her hair and was fascinated by Minoru’s cat, whose collar she wore as a bracelet.

Nico’s A-Force teammates suspected the girl was somehow connected to recent unexplained portal activity, which later allowed a robot Sentinel to attack Arcadia; the girl assisted A-Force in fighting it. When the Thor Corps police force later came to arrest She-Hulk (Jen Walters) for crossing domain borders, the girl hid A-Force within herself. She used her first word (“hide”) as she did, then began regularly speaking in one-word increments.

Learning the portals were Asgardian, She- Hulk determined the goddess Loki had created them as part of an elaborate challenge for rule of Arcadia. Facing defeat by A-Force, Loki mystically tore a hole in the barrier between domains, allowing Deadlands zombies to invade. As Arcadia’s heroes and the Thor Corps battled, the girl told Minoru her name was Singularity, flew into the sky while pulling the zombies into herself, then exploded, saving Arcadia and returning to space.

Following the restoration of the Prime reality, Singularity rematerialized, somehow retaining memories of Battleworld and A-Force, and now speaking in sentence fragments. Pursued by a similar but violent being called Antimatter, Singularity went to Earth seeking help from A-Force, who had no memories of her, but still battled Antimatter on Earth and in space before she confronted him in personal battle.


5'2", possibly variable


Indeterminate, possibly none


Solid white (no visible iris or pupil)


None (apparently)

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