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In times of pain and loss, in times of deepest sorrow, Sister Maggie remains Daredevil’s confidant and confessor: a light in his soul’s darkest nights, a reflection of his heart’s highest aspirations. She imparts wisdom and reminders of faith when Daredevil needs it most.

Taking the Veil

Margaret Grace Murdock is the former wife of heavyweight prize fighter Jonathan “Battlin’ Jack” Murdock. They have a son and name him Matt, and after his birth Margaret experiences postpartum depression. Her paranoia that Jack was neglecting her for Matt led her to attack him. Scared of herself, she runs away from her family.

Turning to religion and becoming a nun, she found the strength to overcome her past problems and forge a new life dedicated to God and helping others. Re-adopting her first name, she became known as Sister Maggie while working amongst the poor and homeless in several missions across the world. Jack told Matt his mother had died, but Maggie secretly kept an eye on the young Matt, though she did not typically interact with him directly.

Catholic Training

Sister Maggie has extensive training in Catholicism. Her strong faith in God gives her the strength to accept difficulties in life and to maintain an optimistic, hopeful attitude. She is highly talented in projecting this information to others, helping them to cope with their problems as well. Maggie is extremely compassionate and has basic medical training (first aid skills).


While Maggie believes that God's love embraces even Lucifer, she faces a few enemies such as Quentin Beck as Mysterio who leads a plot to drive Daredevil mad. In the process, he sends Bullseye (Lester) to capture an infant thought to be the Antichrist. Though Bullseye slays several nuns, Maggie is spared and protects the baby's location.

Relatives and Chosen Family

Daredevil (AKA Matt Murdock) is Maggie's biological son with Jack Murdock. She abandons her family but later provides guidance to Matt as Sister Maggie. While it takes her some time to admit to him that she's his mother, Maggie keeps a close watch over him throughout his life.

The Almighty God is Maggie's guiding light. She turns to him in times of need, especially when her son Matt is in danger of losing his faith or his life. She is a devout Catholic and works alongside her sisters in convents and missions across the world to help the sick and poor.

A Sister's Story

When Matt was blinded after a freak accident, Sister Maggie visited him in the hospital, offering him words of comfort that helped him through the trauma, though he had no idea she was his mother at the time. Maggie knew he had gained new senses from the accident and told him that they would eventually prove to be a gift; she made him promise to keep these abilities a secret, even from his father.

Years later, Matt, now the costumed adventurer Daredevil, suffered a vicious beating at the hands of the Kingpin, and a stabbing by petty criminal Turk Barrett. Matt stumbled upon Fogwell’s Gym, where his father trained, and Sister Maggie found him there. Taking him to her church, she helped him recover, providing both medical care and prayer. Murdock recognized her cross and knew she was the same woman who had visited him after the accident. He also suspected she was his mother. When he asked her, she denied this, but he heard her heart skip a beat and knew she was lying.

Over the years, Sister Maggie has provided both physical and spiritual aid to Matt, both as Daredevil and in his civilian identity. After Daredevil was exhausted from a series of emotional and corporal assaults led by Typhoid Mary, Maggie encouraged him to seek confession.

When Matt was exposed as Daredevil and sought a new identity, Maggie suggested the name Jack, leading him to become “Jack Batlin” for a time. When Matt regained long-suppressed memories, Maggie helped him cope with the realization that he had seemingly killed a woman when he had first sought information on his father’s killers years before.

After asking Matt to represent Ryker’s island inmate Louis Bastuto, Maggie later counseled Matt during the investigation of the Triple Threat Killer and during Mysterio (Quentin Beck)’s plot to drive the hero mad. During the latter encounter, she finally admitted to Matt that she was his mother, though she refused to discuss the life she had so long ago put behind her.

Maggie protected a young baby girl that Mysterio had sent the assassin Bullseye (Lester) to abduct. At the Clinton Mission Shelter, Maggie was badly injured by Bullseye, and several other nuns were killed or tortured by him. But she refused to give up the infant. Matt’s lover Karen Page tried to trick Bullseye with a doll while Maggie fled with the baby, but Bullseye discovered the truth and claimed the real infant. Karen distracted Bullseye from attacking Maggie, but he then killed Karen instead with Daredevil's club. After Daredevil saved the baby, he and Maggie named it Karen, and Maggie attended Karen Page’s funeral.




90 lbs.






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