Bridge to Opportunity

The son of a stonemason, Skurge wanted nothing more than to prove himself as a warrior, a desire he carried into battle as an adult after joining the Asgardian army. He saw action alongside Thor, son of Odin, during a series of skirmishes between the army and Marauders in Vanaheim. Though Skurge would treasure the memory of working with the God of Thunder, he seemingly failed to distinguish himself to his leader and fellow soldiers.

At a later time, when Thor’s brother Loki, disguised as Odin, sat on the throne of Asgard, Skurge replaced Heimdall, keeper of the Bifrost Bridge, who had been banished from the realm.

A Warrior’s Life

Few records exist on Skurge’s proficiency early on as a soldier, but it’s known that he preferred using weapons to fighting bareknuckled. Possessed of a somewhat timid, cowardly disposition, hefting a weapon in his hands apparently endowed him with a feeling of manliness and worth.

During some undocumented event, presumably in his travels as part of the Asgardian army, Skurge acquired projectile weapons of Midgardian design and construction—two M16 assault rifles he named Des and Troy. He appeared to be quite fond of these weapons and used them to significant success toward the very end of his life in a battle with Hela’s Berserkers.

Skurge also toted a huge axe created for him by Hela to signify his role as her Executioner, although no instances of him actually executing anyone with it exist.

Enemies are Allies

Due to Skurge’s penchant for changing sides as circumstances dictate at any given moment, it is difficult to draw clear lines between his enemies and allies.

At one time, presumably, most Asgardians, and specifically his fellow warriors and Thor, were his allies. Though, Thor later admitted he didn’t remember the man, perhaps contributing to his feelings of inadequacy. When Hela appeared in Asgard, Skurge went over to her side in her campaign against his people to save his own skin. While he might have seen some of the immediate benefits of such an alliance, the Goddess of Death’s wicked ways and disregard for Asgardian life bolstered Skurge’s deeply buried heroism. He switched sides once again and fought his former mistress and her undead hordes.

Skurge also viewed himself something of a ladies’ man and seemed to have some small temporary success in that area.

The Execution of his Duty

While allegedly on watch in Heimdall’s observatory, Skurge’s entire life changed in the wink of one dark eye.

Hela, having just been freed from imprisonment upon Odin’s death—and also having just vanquished both Thor and Loki—made her way to Asgard and met Skurge cleaning up the Bifrost Bridge’s control center. The goddess of death saw something in the would-be warrior at that moment and, after dispensing with Thor’s allies Volstagg and Fandrall, offered Skurge a job as her Executioner. Believing he had no other recourse or opportunities present, he accepted the position.

Upon entering Asgard itself, Skurge witnessed Hela massacre the entire Asgardian army and then awaken her Berserkers, undead creatures who once served as her own army. These actions seemed to disturb Skurge, but he held his tongue and continued to follow his new mistress’ lead. Later, when Asgardian citizens formed a rebellion against Hela, and one such rebel, Heimdall, retrieved the sword that controlled the Bifrost, the Goddess of Death tasked Skurge with rooting them out. She even ordered him to fulfill his position as Executioner to make a point with the Asgardians. Though placed into situations in which he saw no escape, Skurge managed to somehow emerge without killing a single one of his countrymen.

Eventually, Thor returned to his home, alongside new and old allies, to attempt to topple Hela’s rule. The resulting chaos enabled the regretful Skurge to throw down his axe and attempt to flee the realm, disguised amongst his people, on a ship brought by Thor’s allies. When Hela’s forces threatened to overwhelm the Asgardians and their escape ship, a moment of truth occurred. The former Executioner leapt into the fray against Hela’s Berserkers—brandishing his beloved weapons Des and Troy—with the burning spirit of a true warrior. He helped hold off the creatures long enough for Thor to turn the tide and for the Asgardian refugees to break free of Hela’s grasp. When Hela realized Skurge’s betrayal, she killed him with barely a thought. He died a hero’s death, one witnessed by his fellow Asgardians.