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Solitaire is an inhabitant of Sub-Atomica, a realm that can only be reached by the energies released through shrinking. There are many universes in this subatomic world known as the Microverse. It is believed Solitaire was among the eggs produced by one of the Children of the Makers. Legend states the Makers were responsible for creating the Spiral Path, a DNA shaped universe of planets and populating them with an infinite life-span. These eggs would hatch the "Prime Beings" whose purpose was to seed the Microverse with life.

Solitaire shunned her initial purpose and gave up the safety and comfort of her unidentified planet to travel the Microverse. Learning the fundamentals of life, she mastered her shape changing abilities by transforming into many different life forms along the way. She would come to experience guilt for renouncing the Makers purpose for her, but Solitaire eventually posed as one of the Children of the Dreaming Star, residing in the proximity of the Confluence of Stars. During her time with the Children of the Dreaming Star she encountered the Microns, the Microverse freedom fighters. Fascinated by the freedom fighters, Solitaire took on a form that mimicked the Microns' Marionette, but she continued to alter her characteristics to those of an insectoid, so that she could get closer to the flirtatious Bug. Solitaire coerced Bug into returning to her ship were they enjoyed each others company. Feeling inspired and safe with her new companion, Solitaire returned to the Spiral Path to confront the Makers.

While en-route to the Spiral Path, Bug became sick with radiation poisoning from being exposed to the energies that emanate from the Children of the Maker. Realizing the advanced equipment aboard her ship was not efficient enough to cure the Bug, Solitaire hailed the Children of the Star, seeking assistance to cure the sick hero. She discovered Acroyear, Marionette and Arcturus Rann had also succumbed to radiation poisoning. All the Microns would be rescued from their impending death by the arrival of Scion, another of the Makers' children, when he mutated Huntarr, causing his body to erupt releasing powerful energies that healed them all.









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