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Sprite’s body is augmented by cosmic energy, like other Earth Eternals, and has complete control over his molecular structure. As a result, he can change his physical appearance and apparent age, but will always be mentally a child, and be treated as such by other Eternals. He is virtually immune to disease, aging and extreme temperatures and can regenerate from any injury that does not totally disperse his molecules or cosmic energy. Like other Eternals he can be reactivated by Celestial technology after death, but this process can be stopped by other Eternals. He can manipulate gravitons to levitate objects or fly at 760 mph. He can also teleport himself over great distances, but finds the process unnerving. Without using other powers, he can lift 5 tons. Sprite focused his Eternal powers towards illusion, matter rearrangement and elemental transmutation, surpassed among the Eternals only by Sersi. With the Uni-Mind and Dreaming Celestial’s power, Sprite altered reality on a cosmic scale.


Sprite is thought to have been born around 1000 years ago, though he has claimed to be millions of years old. Regardless, he is considered one of the youngest Eternals, and by the modern era was physically identical to an 11-year-old human, a source of frustration for Sprite, who felt excluded from some activities more physically mature Eternals enjoyed. He vented by playing pranks, both on fellow Eternals and mortals, including William Shakespeare and J.M. Barrie. When the Dreaming Celestial’s chamber was damaged in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Sprite joined an Eternal Uni-Mind to fix it. In an apparent manifestation of mahd w’yry, Eternal madness, Sprite realized he could use the Dreaming Celestial to change his life.

In the modern era when fellow Eternal Ikaris brought his human friend Margo Damian to the Eternal’s city Olympia, Sprite scared her by creating a monster and received a public spanking by Ikaris. When most Eternals formed a Uni-Mind to address the Celestials’ threat, Sprite stayed behind to access Zuras’ computers. Uncovering a Deviant plot to bomb the Celestials Sprite broke Zuras’ edict to contact the banished Forgotten One (aka Gilgamesh). Creating a suit for the Forgotten One, Sprite sent him against the Deviant device, helping the Forgotten One earn the name Hero. When Zuras learned of Sprite’s behavior, he ordered Sprite and Hero be each other’s guardians. After Zuras died, Sprite convinced Gilgamesh, to join the Avengers. Free to continue his own plans, Sprite abducted a Greek shepherd, but was discovered by Ikaris before he could do anything else. Next he snuck into Eternal scientist Phastos’ laboratory and sent Olympia to the Negative Zone, claiming this an accident. After the Eternals returned Olympia to Earth, Sprite brought Gilgamesh to Paris, where Gilgamesh and Sprite, disguised as a flying Captain America, fought the sorcerer B’Gon. Sprite also helped when Thena and Kro’s children were threatened, and was present when Ajak sacrificed his life. Suspecting Sersi had succumbed to mahd w’yry, he tried to warn her because the only “cure” was molecular dispersion and death; when she ignored him, he summoned Ikaris and Arex to help her, and when she rejected them too, Sprite encouraged her to officially make Black Knight (Dane Whitman) her Gann Josin (betrothed), hoping Dane could help her. When her case worsened, Sprite demanded her life be spared. Ute the Watcher helped save her by sending her to another 

dimension. Later, in a mistaken battle between Eternals and the Fantastic Four, Sprite battled Ant-Man (Scott Lang) before the heroes ended a threat posed by the half-Deviant Maelstrom.

Sprite secretly revived Zuras and Ajak from the Reactivation Chamber and fooled them into believing a Uni-Mind was needed in San Francisco, then used their power and that of the Dreaming Celestial to rewrite reality and make all Eternals human. In his new form, Sprite became a child actor and musician named Colin, star of “It’s Just So Sprite” on the Tweenie Channel. Officially, he was a normal human legally divorced from his parents and was a celebrity Superhuman Registration Act supporter. When other Eternals’ suppressed memories began to surface, Sprite brought the partially awakened Makkari to the Dreaming Celestial hoping to attract enough Eternals to make another Uni-Mind, but Deviants and the Avengers interfered, and Sprite fled when the Dreaming Celestial woke. Meanwhile the reunited Eternals discovered Sprite’s work had accidentally attracted the Horde, cosmic creatures that could destroy the Earth. Zuras personally administered Sprite’s punishment, allowing him a mortal death and leaving his body on a train at Union Station in Los Angeles. Though theoretically the Eternals’ Reactivation Chambers could revive Sprite in his Eternal state, Sprite said he would be untrustworthy if revived, and Zuras agreed.




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