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Other than receiving his training from Taskmaster, virtually nothing is known about the background and identity of the Spymaster before he was hired by the original Capricorn of the Zodiac crime cartel to infiltrate Stark Industries' Long Island headquarters.

Roxxon executive Carrington Pax hired the industrial saboteur known as the Ghost to commit acts of destruction that would lead to Accutech's financial ruin in order to buy out the company through bankruptcy. Due to the intervention of Iron Man, the Ghost failed to complete Accutech's destruction. Displeased with the Ghost's lack of success, Pax fired the Ghost and hired Spymaster to continue the sabotage of Accutech. Ghost would intervene during Spymaster's sabotage of Accutech, which soon lead to a confrontation with Iron Man. The Ghost pretended that he wanted to help Spymaster, presumably since Iron Man was after both of them. The two teamed up against Iron Man until the Ghost betrayed Spymaster by removing Spymaster's intangibility device causing him to rematerialize partially inside a wall, causing Spymaster's immediate death.




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