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Brandon was taught from childhood those without fame or fortune are nothing in this world. These views conflict with what he is being taught at Avengers Academy, but whichever path he chooses he will do so as Striker.

Bad Role Models

Potentially the most powerful new recruit at Avengers Academy, Striker feels he is ready for field combat and worthy of being in the spotlight. He was coached from a young age by his mother that if he didn’t have fame, he was nobody, and she got him a few acting roles with the help of his manager, Rick. Striker’s abilities manifested when Rick tried to molest him, and that was the start of his new path in life. Soon Norman Osborn noticed him and gave him everything he wanted until Osborn was incarcerated for his psychopathic tendencies, leaving Striker with few options.


Striker tried to demonstrate the full scope of his abilities by attacking Speedball during a training session, but the experienced New Warrior showed him the error of his ways. Later, he was part of the trio who accessed secret files on all the trainees, and Striker relayed the news to his teammates how they weren't chosen because they were the best or the brightest or the most talented. He was chosen, along with the rest, because his instructor's were afraid he may use his powers in the same way his tormentor, Osborn, did – for evil.

Fame Is All That Matters

Constantly seeking media attention, Striker had the chance to prove he was deserving of it during an outing with Henry Pym and the rest of the recruits. Whirlwind ambushed the group but was quickly subdued, and Striker finally got himself on the news. Although he could have been seriously hurt, Striker wasn't surprised to learn his mother secretly set the entire confrontation up to kick-start his fame.

Brush with Death

When Korvac came to Avengers Academy in search of his ex-wife, Carina Walters, Striker hid with the rest of the class. It wasn't until Carina pulled his future self from the time stream, placing Striker's mind inside along with the insight how to properly harness his potential, that he decided to lash out against his enemy. At first Striker was thrilled at his new power set, but once Korvac killed his adult body, leaving a frightened youth in its place, Striker was unsure if he wanted to continue on a path which would risk his life for any situation.








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