Very little is known about the past history of the swashbuckling treasure hunter known as Stripmine. He mysteriously appeared on the island nation of Genosha, and he was commanding a group of four armed Trolls. Stripemine and his scavengers managed to apprehend a group of X-Men, by using a mutant neutralizing compound to block the X-Men's superhuman abilities rendering them helpless. Omega Sentinel and Magneto were the last to be beaten by Stripmine. He commanded the Trolls to pillage Genosha of its valuables (mutants). However, they were unable to capture Freakshow, due to his unique abilities. The captives were critiqued and assess by the Appraiser, who projected the price that each of them would bring, depending on their abilities. Stripmine managed to keep the captives docile by placing collars upon their necks that contained highly advanced technology called nannites. It was later revealed that Stripmine was working for the Dark Beast, who had his sights set on Omega Sentinel. Eventually Xavier and his crew defeated the Dark Beast and offered Stripmine the opportunity to help rebuild Genosha. His whereabouts are unknown at this time.









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