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George SmithStunt-Master



George Smith was an aging motorcycle stuntman down on his luck. Considered too old by the Hollywood community but believing that he was the best motorcycle stuntman in the business, George made his way to New York taking whatever stunt job he could find, risking his life for pittance. He wounded up starving in the Bowery, where the mysterious Crime-Wave (District Attorney Mason Hollis) offered him a thousand dollars to kill Daredevil. Considering this as his career finale, George accepted and souped up his stunt cycle with jets that allowed it to fly. George took the name of Stunt-Master and attacked Daredevil at the United Fund Parade. In the ensuing battle, Stunt-Master was struck by his own bike and badly injured. This attack convinced Daredevil to break his promise to his lover Karen Page to give up crime fighting.




187 lbs.




Black, wears toupee

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