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Sunspot was a member of Gambit's team of X-Ternals, a group of mutants that stole from the rich to give to those in most need of help. Unfortunately, Magneto saw a much greater purpose for Sunspot and the rest of the team and asked them to retrieve a shard of the M'Krann Crystal located in the Shi'ar Galaxy. He told them that Apocalypse's very own librarian, Peter Corbeau would be able to help them. However, when the team reached the room in which Corbeau was supposed to be held, they were attacked by the Madri. While the team fought the Madri, Sunspot located Corbeau and brought him to Magneto. Magneto revealed that Lila Cheney, an associate of Sunspot and the X-Ternals, had the mutant power to transport the team to the Shi'ar Galaxy. Corbeau placed a device on Lila so her powers would come out of dormancy. As her powers manifested, Rictor, an agent of Apocalypse assigned to capture the X-Ternals, entered the room and attacked Sunspot and his friends. However, Lila created an interstellar portal and transported the X-ternals to the Shi'ar Galaxy, but not before Rictor jumped in after them.

Arriving in the Shi'ar galaxy, Sunspot and the X-Ternals were attacked by the Imperial Guard. Sunspot used his powers to absorb the solar radiation emanating from Starbolt of the Imperial Guard and created a plasma bolt to take out Starbolt. Escaping into a nearby forest, Sunspot and the X-Ternals were captured by Jonath and the Ch'reesharaa, a race of plant-like creatures. However, the galaxy began to blink out of existence due to the M'Krann Crystal and Jonath set them free, telling them that they must prevent existence from ending. At that moment, Rictor and the Imperial Guard, who had teamed up together to capture the X-Ternals, arrived, but the X-Ternals were transported onto the Starjammers ship. The Starjammers took them to the planet that the M'Krann Crystal was located, where they were attacked by the Emperor’s forces. As Gambit entered the M'Krann Crystal, Sunspot and the rest of the team fought the Imperial Guard once more. As Sunspot fought Gladiator, he began to absorb the energies of the M'Krann Crystal to increase his strength. When Gambit succeeded in preventing the Crystal from destroying the universe, Sunspot revealed that he was been consumed by the energies he had absorbed. Lila transported the rest of the X-Ternals back to Earth as Sunspot was incinerated by the energies.




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