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Unrevealed (possibly inapplicable)Super-Ego


ASTONISHING THOR (2010) #2 panel by Rob Rodi and Mike Choi


The Sentient Planets of the Marvel Universe

Even some of the celestial bodies in the Marvel Universe have a life of their own! Meet Ego, Illa, Euphoria, and more sentient planets here.



The origin and past history of the immense "bio-verse" known as Super-Ego remains a cosmic mystery. It has been rumored that it is the progenitor of Ego the Living Planet and like beings, though the cosmic Stranger has professed to the thunder god Thor that he is the creator of both Ego and Alter Ego. Super-Ego tracked down and confronted the herculean Ego as it was being judged by the Blue Celestial. Towering over the living planet Ego, Super-Ego encircled and crushed the planet in its tentacles, seemingly digesting Ego's essence. Super-Ego's actions brought the wrath of several Celestials upon it, as they viciously attacked the "living bio-verse." Fascinated at the amazing phenomenon taking place in this sector of space the High Evolutionary risked his life and the lives of Tagar and the Analyzer, a Rigellian recorder, as he tried to gain an in-depth understanding of the connection between Super-Ego and the Celestials. Super-Ego was presumed to have died during this incredible confrontation. Ego survived the encounter, managed to reform itself and later attempted to awaken other planets, destroying those that were non-sentient and therefore unworthy of continued existence.





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