Supergiant is a mental parasite; a telepathic, unstable omnipath who can control, alter, devour and steal the minds of others. As her victims’ thoughts become hers, they also belong to Thanos. As part of the Mad Titan’s evil advance team, the Black Order, Supergiant is responsible for mentally manipulating and disabling the strongest among the resistance.


Alive in the Unknown

Supergiant was one of five powerful cosmic aliens recruited by Thanos to be a part of his Black Order, a team that subjugated entire planets in advance of the Titan's takeover, and also had the secondary goal of seeking out the Infinity Stones.

Thanos sent the team to several planets to raze in order to test their skills, and then, satisfied, set the Black Order upon Earth to find his son Thane and the Reality Stone. Supergiant and Corvus Glaive arrived at the Jean Grey School and defeated the mutants there easily, but left after failing to find Thane.

Mind over Matter

While not physically powerful, Supergiant is an omnipath and a psychic vampire. She derives sadistic pleasure from controlling, altering and ultimately devouring the minds of her and Thanos’ enemies. Her telepathic abilities are so strong, she’s overwhelmed some of the greatest minds on Earth, such as Black Bolt.


Growing Pains

Supergiant despises anyone who stands in her way, and that has included the X-Men, the Avengers and the Inhumans. She’s also not fond of the Lethal Legion team that she was forced to fight on behalf of the Challenger.

Psychic Circle

Supergiant is obsessively loyal to Thanos, and any information she steals from the minds of others is immediately transmitted to her master’s mind. If Supergiant were to discover the location of an Infinity Stone, Thanos would know immediately.


Despite her unstable nature, Supergiant also works well with the other members of the Black Order, especially team leader Corvus Glaive.







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The Story of Supergiant

After her failure to locate the son of Thanos, the Black Order invaded and controlled Wakanda, and Supergiant remained behind to manipulate Black Bolt, whom she wished to use in order to activate bombs that the Illuminati had planted in the nation’s Necropolis as a failsafe measure. After laying waste to the heroes using Black Bolt’s voice, Supergiant prepared to activate the bombs, and appeared to be working with Maximus the Mad, who held the trigger. Though Maximus set the weapons off, he then betrayed Supergiant by using Lockjaw to teleport the Black Order member and the bombs to an empty planet, at which point she was obliterated.


Later, two Elders of the Universe, the Challenger and the Grandmaster, wished to set dueling teams of villains against each other with the Avengers as pawns. To that end, the Challenger resurrected the entire Black Order, though Supergiant was brought back as a mental image with no physical body; the Grandmaster chose the Lethal Legion.

This new Black Order destroyed Avengers Mansion as their first order of business, but not before Voyager teleported Earth’s Mightiest Heroes away. With the games begun in earnest, Supergiant confronted Metal Master of the Lethal Legion and nearly destroyed his mind, winning the Black Order the first point. Then, the group confronted the Avengers in Antarctica, and following the seeming death of team leader Corvus Glaive at the hands of Rogue, most of the Black Order retreated.

Supergiant stayed behind, though, and attempted to gain control of Thor’s mind; Ferene of the Lethal Legion ambushed her, though, and the mental projection that made up the omnipath’s current form disappeared.