On a world hundreds of galaxies away, Tae and Pennsu subjected the population to their maniacal whims. Acting out scenarios that they felt would persuade their followers to worship them with more fervor, Tae and Pennsu had made an enemy in the Destroyer of Gods, better known as Desak. Travelling to their world, Desak immediately attacked the pair, and would have been successful in eliminating these cruel gods if not for the intervention of the mighty Thor and his companions, Hercules and Beta Ray Bill. However, during the attack, Tae and Pennsu attempted to destroy the planet below and create a new world with new citizens to worship them. The two combined their powers and unleashed an energy beam of tremendous proportions which would have surely shattered the planet, if Thor had not acted as swiftly as he did. Leaving Hercules and Beta Ray Bill to contend with the mad gods, Thor stopped the blast saving the world and its people. In the meantime, even though Tae and Pennsu proved to be too much for Thor's allies, Desak killed both of them in the end.









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