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Prince Byrrah of Atlantis was the stepson of the Atlantean Emperor Thakorr and he was thought to be the possible heir to Thakorr's throne. However, the more likely heir was Byrrah's cousin Namor, the Sub-Manner, who was Thakorr's grandson. Because Namor was the son of the Atlantean Princess Fen and the surface man Leonard McKenzie, Byrrah regarded Namor as a halfbreed who was unworthy of the throne When they were both boys growing up in the Atlantean city beneath the Antarctic Ocean. Byrrah pretended to be Namor's friend. But even then Byrrah was seeking a way to rid himself of Namor so that he himself would inherit Thakorr's throne. In fact, it was Byrrah who suggested to Thakorr that Namor make his first journey to the civilization of the surface people; it was Byrrah's hope that Namor would never return.




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