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'Moon Knight': May Calamawy and Sara Goher on the Magic of Bringing Egyptian Super Hero Scarlet Scarab On-Screen

The ‘Moon Knight’ star and consulting producer reveal what it means to them to feel represented by Layla El-Faouly.

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“Your scales lack balance.”

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Summon the suit.

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“There can be no progress without understanding.”



Taweret is the Egyptian goddess of childbirth. While she is the wife of Bes, the god of luck and probability, she becomes a cohort to Sobek, the god of rivers.

Powers of the Ennead 

As part of the Ennead, Taweret ceases aging at adulthood and cannot die by conventional means. They are resistant to conventional diseases and injury, and have superhuman healing, endurance and reflexes. Only dispersal of a major portion of an Ennead’s bodily molecules will cause death, and even then, resurrection via other gods may be possible. 

Ennead flesh and bone are two and a half times denser than human tissue, and average gods and goddesses can lift about 30 and 25 tons, respectively. Many Ennead possess additional superhuman powers, and most Ennead are skilled therianthropes, able to shift from humanoid form into the animal form that is most sacred to them. Most prefer to manifest in a theriocephalous form with a humanoid body and an animal head.

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