Unrevealed possibly Champion (or translation thereof)Tiamat



Long ago, an unidentified race's telepathic, precognitive Council of Elders learned of S'met'kth (later Messiah), a powerful being that brought peace and bliss to planets by robbing free will, leaving inhabitants in an inert stupor. Believing that free will was extremely important, the Council plotted to slay S'met'kth before he could reach their world. Over 3000 years ago, the Council identified an infant as their Champion and they sent him and other children to Earth aboard a living starship, where they foresaw he would meet his final destiny in the 21st century AD. The Champion and other children waited, grew and changed, the others becoming a steed and armor or weapons to aid the Champion. Via the Council's visions, the Champion trained himself to combat the S'met'kth, and the Mithras, a human who would defend the S'met'kth. Less than 20 years before its arrival, the human organization Landau, Luckman, Lake & LeQuare's precognitive Montgomery Burns foresaw S'met'kth, followed by another vision of the being (whom they dubbed Tiamat) who would destroy S'met'kth unless protected by the Mithras. Agents Zoe Culloden, Dixon Mason and Noah DuBois resolved to keep these events secret even from their employers.




540 lbs.


Solid white (presumably translucent membranes; no visible pupils or iris)



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