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Li HuaTiger's Beautiful Daughter



Many decades ago, a brutal battle left the warrior women of a far away land almost extinct until the men made a truce with their enemies. The truce gave their foes almost everything they had, but as long as the women were kept docile, they would remain safe. Li Hua's mother was the finest warrior of that land, but she was one of the casualties of that dreadful day.

Nearly twenty years after, Li Hua had become a beautiful women who couldn't get enough of the war stories told to her by her father, the Tiger Warrior. Her thirst for action was so great, Li would even have dreams of a mother she never met training her to fight. Her father tried to shield her from the cruelties of war, but Li insisted on hearing of his exploits. Not long after her father returned from yet another battle, at a celebration, Li Hua would have her own stories to tell. Those who had agreed to a truce all those years ago decided to end their peace and began to slaughter everyone within the city. As the men ran for their lives, Li received a vision from her mother telling her to defend the city. Without thinking of her own safety, she picked up a sword and fought the invaders back.

When she asked her father why he didn't join in the fight, he told her of the truce. He told Li how the women protected the city and the men were merely nurturers. The excursions he went on were for show, and he had never fought a battle in his life. His stories were fabricated to keep his people safe. Li called her father a coward and a liar and rallied the women to her cause. A large battalion was on the way to the city so training was limited as were weapons and armor, but the women made due. Once the invaders arrived, they found a fighting force they could not contend with. Many of the women died that day, but enough lived to rebuild their civilization and make plans to reclaim what was taken from them so long ago. Tiger's Beautiful Daughter became the leader of her people and was ready to face any challenge before her.

Tiger's Beautiful Daughter was scheduled to fight in the tournament at the Heart of Heaven against Davos, now calling himself the Steel Phoenix. She came out swinging, and it appeared that Davos was outclassed. Tiger's Beautiful Daughter wasn't even fazed when a blow from Davos almost blinded her. She simply responded by cutting off his hand with one of her Iron Fans. It seemed as if the battle was won, but in a surprising turn of events, Davos grew his hand back and unleashed on Tiger's Beautiful Daughter with a fury that she could not contend with. Davos continued to beat her until his father, the Thunderer stopped the battle and proclaimed him the champion. The cruelty inflicted upon her did not go unnoticed, for at the next contest, the Prince of Orphans challenged Davos to remind him that the tournament will not turn anyone into murderers. After completely decimating him, the Prince spoke the same warning to all in attendance.

Her head bandaged almost completely, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter still showed enough strength to attend the feast for the Immortal Weapons and spurn the advances of Fat Cobra. Later, as she was entertained by a tale from Dog Brother #1, the Prince of Orphans asked for her help as with all the Immortal Weapons, to aid him against the forces of Hydra that were threatening to destroy the city of K'un-Lun. She didn't seem too concerned until she was told her city was also in danger of being destroyed. It was at that time she agreed to help. Tiger's Beautiful Daughter also agreed to stay with the others on Earth, after Hydra's plan failed, to assist Iron Fist in investigating the claims of an Eight Capital City of Heaven.

She was absent when Rand and the Immortal Weapons faced the formidable foe, Zhou Cheng, but she was instrumental in their escape from The Eighth City. First, she distracted a guard, then snapped his spear in two, using only her teeth, freed herself of her chains, and then released the others. United once again, the Immortal Weapons were virtually unstoppable. Tiger's Beautiful Daughter focused her chi, just as she did to open the gateway to enter The Eighth City, and made it back to Earth along with some of the prisoners they were sent to rescue - including the first Iron Fist, Quan Yaozu.









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