Zhou Cheng

Zhou Cheng



For seventy-five years, Zhou has been killing those who would call themselves the Iron Fist, so his master, the Ch'i-Lin, could try and devour the unhatched egg of the dragon, Shou-Lao. Zhou’s possible ancestor, named similarly, had been the killer of the Iron Fist, Kwai Jun-Fan, but the Ch'i-Lin was denied the dragon's egg that day when the Lei Kung, the Thunderer stood against him. Zhou had an opportunity to hunt the famed Orson Randall, but Orson found a way to hide his chi from the beast, forcing it to go hungry once again. Now, the time had come for Danny Rand to face his destiny.

Zhou first appeared to Danny as a helpless victim of a mugging, but that was the only time Zhou would look weak. It wasn't long before Zhou announced his presence to Danny as he was wandering through the park one night, and it was almost embarrassing how the current Iron Fist was completely decimated by this merciless foe. If not for Danny’s friends, Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, Danny’s thirty-third birthday would have been his last. Still, the trio was nothing more than a distraction to Zhou for they could not match his fighting skill, or the power of the demon inside him. The servant of the Ch'i-Lin tried a different tactic and held the students of The School of Thunder hostage in order for Rand to face him again. Danny would not let the children fall prey to this madman, so he devised a plan of his own. He brought the other Immortal Weapons with him. Even though Zhou could sense the chi of Shou-Lao, he could not detect the presence of John Aman, Fat Cobra, Dog Brother Number 1 and the Bride of Nine Spiders. It was that mistake which foiled his fiendish plot. The children were saved, and Zhou had to retreat, much to his master’s displeasure.

Zhou promised the Ch'i-Lin he would have Rand's heart, and the monster gave him another chance to keep his word. Zhou placed a call to Danny's secretary, who just happened to be Zhou's girlfriend, and had her drug a cup of tea to render Danny nearly helpless. The Ch'i-Lin was almost guaranteed victory this time until a clever employee found out that Zhou had been gaining control of Rand, Inc. over the past twenty years. When Luke and Misty heard the news, they rushed to Danny's aid and again saved him from an untimely death. Zhou was determined not to lose this time, but when Danny decided to exchange blows without the benefit of his chi, Zhou was unsure how to fight him. He still knew how to hurt Danny and his allies, but he could no longer telegraph Danny's moves. If he could have, Zhou would most assuredly have dodged the furious punch that tore through his neck, killing him. With Zhou's death, the Ch'i-Lin left his body, and Danny had his secretary put under surveillance in case Zhou's unborn child turned out like the father.

The unexpected appearance of Zhou, and the Ch'i-Lin, gave way to other startling events. The Immortal Weapons found a map in Zhou's apartment that would lead them to the Eighth Capital City of Heaven – the one thing they had hoped to find when they decided to remain on Earth.









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