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Tinkabelinos was the daughter of the fairy king Oberon. She was eventually exiled from her home in Avalon and forced to live amongst humans. While residing with the humans she met Pete Wisdom and became a member of the superhuman British Intelligence team MI-13. As a member of the team she helped to save England from a group of other-dimensional Martian invaders. Prior to mission she married Pete Wisdom as a part of a treaty between England and Avalon. Tink genuinely fell for Pete although she knew their marriage was only for the sake of the treaty. She was profoundly hurt and angry at Wisdom when she found that he was sleeping with their team member, Maureen Raven. She knew that Pete didn't have true feelings for her, and was greatly hurt that he didn't up hold commitment to the treaty. Tink fought by Pete's side during the Other-dimensional Martian invasion, although she left immediately after, returning to Avalon.


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