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Wisdom is a former agent of the British intelligence agency Black Air, which was charged with the observation of, and interaction with, extranormal activity. After executing a clean sweep at a terrorist base in Ransaphan, Thailand, Wisdom retired from active duty as Black Air's resident expert on Genosha and mutant affairs in general.

He became the agency's liaison with the British superhero group Excalibur, whom he eventually aided in exposing Black Air's subversive criminal activities. Never the most popular bloke in the team, he became even less so when he started a relationship with the the young Kitty Pryde a.k.a. Shadowcat. Some team members worried that Kitty would only end up being hurt by the rougish Wisdom. Kitty's ex-boyfriend Colossus, having recently left the Acolytes, came to Muir Island seeking Kitty, and was shocked to spy her with Wisdom; not entirely in his right mind, he launched an unprovoked attack on Wisdom. The two came to blows and Colossus beat Wisdom almost to death, confining Wisdom to a wheelchair for some time. Though Wisdom was taken unawares and was drunk at the time, he managed to mount a defense which left Colossus in critical condition too. Following his romance with Kitty, Wisdom went on to create an independent espionage network to police the global intelligence community's treatment of mutants.

As the leader and mentor of X-Force, Wisdom, now sporting an eye-patch due to the loss of an eye, at one point seemed to have been killed by genetic terrorist Doctor Niles Roman. His demise was subsequently exposed as a ruse, however, as was the loss of his eye. Wisdom subsequently joined British intelligence agency MI-13.

Recently, in the wake of House of M|M-Day, Wisdom collaborated with Captain Britain, Sage, Juggernaut, Nocturne, Dazzler and others in battling the Dark X-Men, evil versions of the founding X-Men team and their mentor from an alternate reality. Subsequently, Wisdom called for the reformation of the team Excalibur, with the aforementioned as the prime members, even going so far as to procure a Home Secretary Decree indemnifying the Juggernaut of any crimes on British soil so that he could act as a full member of the team.




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