Triton, a member of the Royal Family of the Inhumans, is an amphibious member of his hidden race. Growing up as the only one of his kind with a need to live in water most of the time, he feels the burden of isolation. Later, he comes to breathe outside water with the help of an artificial breathing apparatus.

As cousin to Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans, he dutifully carries out his role as an undersea scout and supports the Royal Family against foes like his cousin Maximus the Mad and the sorceress Morgan Le Fay.


Amphibious Inhuman


Triton is a member of the Inhumans, a sub-species of humanity from the city Attilan that was diverged through Kree experiments. Early in the 20th century, the philosopher priest Mander and his biologist wife, Azur, members of the Royal Family, broke tradition and put their one-year-old son, Triton, through Terrigenesis to unlock his super powered potential.

The Inhumans were unaware that their new forms sometimes resembled aliens the Kree had encountered, as their creators had hoped to better infiltrate those races. Post exposure, Triton’s form adapted for an aquatic existence—with a piscine appearance matching the alien Pelagians, and no longer able to breathe air. He must wear a cumbersome breathing apparatus that allows him to survive out of water.

To better care for him, Triton’s mother, Azur, retrained in marine biology to live underwater in a specially designed alcove on Attilan’s shore, an island off Atlantis’ coast. When Triton’s brother Karnak was born, he was spared Terrigenesis to avoid similarly detrimental results. Azur died in an undersea mishap with Triton when he was at the tumultuous age of fourteen.

As the only amphibious Inhuman at this time, Triton grew up feeling isolated, emotionally and physically, but drawn to the oceans. But he also needed to be around his people. To service this duality, at age eighteen, Triton became an undersea scout, monitoring human oceangoing traffic nearby.

Triton was the first Inhuman to leave Attilan, and when he did so he encountered humans for the first time. He unwittingly disrupted an underwater movie shoot, was captured, and taken to Manhattan where he broke free and received a fearful reception from every human he met. Returning to Attilan, he warned his king and cousin, Black Bolt, about humanity’s paranoia, prompting the silent monarch to relocate the entire island to The Great Refuge, located in a more isolated area of the Himalayas.

The Isle of Attilan

Oceanic Operative


Triton’s physiology is adapted to aquatic life, with scaly green skin, webbed feet and hands, and a dorsal fin running from his forehead to the base of his skull and along his spine. Scales along his throat hide gills to extract oxygen from water, and he can live submerged indefinitely. However, he cannot survive out of water for more than five minutes without artificial aid and is susceptible to dehydration. He wears a water circulation system to function for extended periods on land; upgraded with Kree technology, it also allows him to function in outer space without requiring a suit.

His physiology can withstand the great water pressure changes that occur beneath the sea, while his blood circulation protects him from freezing temperatures. While resistant to injuries, he is not bulletproof. His vision is more sensitive to the green portion of the visible spectrum, enabling him to see in relatively dark ocean depths. A sensitive network of nerve endings beneath his scales transmit information that allows him to navigate underwater even in total darkness. He can swim at a maximum speed of about 46 knots (40 mph) for several hours before tiring.

Super humanly strong, he could originally lift around 2 tons on land, but when he returned from the Moon, he could lift 50 tons via dedicated exercise. While drawing energy from the electromagnetic field, his strength increases further by an undefined amount.

An adept fighter specializing in underwater and zero-gravity combat, Triton is proficient with Inhuman sonic echo-weapons; when using these, he wears echo-skeleton armor that deflects attacks. He is also a skilled pilot with Inhuman hover-vehicles.


Unfavorable Foes


Triton faces many foes in his duty to protect the Inhumans.

Maximus, while cousin to Triton, is typically an enemy as he often tries to claim Attilan’s throne from his brother Black Bolt.

The Frightful Four are the villainous counterparts of the Fantastic Four and included Madam Medusa, Triton’s royal relative, whose memories were lost at the time.

Plantman (Sam Smithers) can control and animate plants. He captured Triton and Namor with the intent of using them to attack London with his seaweed Leviathan.

Dr. Vivian Morgan, possessed by the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, used Triton for a ritual sacrifice and succeeded.

The Kree’s Ronan the Accuser first took over Attilan and all its inhabitants, including Triton, whom he used for his assassination attempt on a Shi’ar leader. Later, however, he became an ally to the Inhumans when betrothed to Triton’s cousin, Crystal.

The Negative Zone

Family and Friends

Triton is a member of the Royal Family of the Inhumans. As such, he is allies with most of his relatives including his cousin, King Black Bolt, and his wife, Queen Medusa, as well as Medusa’s sister Crystal, cousin Gorgon, and brother Karnak.

Upon first meeting the Fantastic Four, Triton and his cousins clash with the super powered Earth-based team, but they ultimately fought alongside one another. Triton’s cousin, Crystal, joins the team as a full-fledged member.

Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner, a mutant with aquatic abilities and Prince of Atlantis, proves to be a friend to Triton after they battle Plantman together.




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Triton’s Tale

Early in the modern era, Black Bolt’s insane brother, Maximus the Mad, usurped the throne. The Royal Family was exiled from Attilan and hid from Maximus’ Seeker (Kadlec) in Manhattan. There, they encountered the Fantastic Four, who assisted Black Bolt in reclaiming the throne. As part of his penance, the imprisoned Maximus designed a compact saline circulator to replace Triton’s air-breathing apparatus.

Blasting out of the cave

The Royal Family ventured into the world to learn more about humanity, taking up residence on a Mediterranean island while Triton’s cousin Crystal visited the Fantastic Four. When Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) was lost in the extradimensional Negative Zone, Crystal sent Triton to rescue him, trusting her cousin’s navigation skills would allow him to safely traverse the alien dimension. Before returning to the island, Triton studied the FF’s records and thus, upon later encountering Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner, he recalled the Atlantean monarch to be a foe of his friends. Triton attacked the Atlantean, but both were captured by the Plantman. Intending to force them to be his emissaries, Plantman attacked London with his seaweed Leviathan, but the two amphibians escaped and destroyed it, then parted as friends.

After the Royal Family returned to Attilan, Triton ran into Namor again in the Pacific, where they stopped the Alpha Centaurian Dynorr the Stalker from stealing Earth’s water to sustain his own dehydrated world.

To drive a wedge between the Royal Family and Fantastic Four, Maximus framed the human heroes for launching a missile attack on Attilan; suspicious, Black Bolt had Triton investigate, and he swiftly confirmed Maximus as the true culprit.

Triton subsequently worked with marine hero Stingray (Walter Newell) and Namor to thwart the warlord Attuma’s scheme to provoke war between Atlantis and the surface world. Later, when Maximus again seized Attilan’s throne, Triton enlisted the Avengers’ aid in stopping him. At Mr. Fantastic’s behest, Triton reluctantly joined an American salvage mission retrieving nerve gas canisters from a sunken wreck, but quit after Namor was exposed to the material while battling the Atlantean super-giant Orka; Triton rushed the Sub-Mariner to Richards for medical treatment. Namor, with a disguised Triton’s help, later repaid this debt when the Invisible Girl (Sue Richards) and Mr. Fantastic’s marriage faltered, faking an attack on Manhattan as a ploy to remind the couple how much they loved one another (“Project Revival”).

When the Hydro-Men, humans mutated by Doctor Hydro (Herman Frayne), asked Mr. Fantastic for help returning to normal, he noted their resemblance to Triton, and arranged for the Thing (Ben Grimm) to take one of the men, Dr. Henry Croft, to meet the aquatic Inhuman. Near their rendezvous, Triton and Stingray encountered the Serpent Squad retrieving the magical Serpent Crown from an underwater site; though they captured most of the Squad, the snakes’ leader Sidewinder, known also as Seth Voelker, escaped with the crown. After confirming the Hydro-Men had been exposed to Terrigen Mists, Mr. Fantastic and Inhuman scientists restored them to normal.

Triton helping out the Fantastic Four

After a clash between the Royal Family and the Inhumans’ Genetic Council, Black Bolt abdicated his throne, and with his relatives returned to Earth alone, where Triton helped Namor, Tiger Shark, Tamara Rahn and Stingray stop the Fomalhauti Xlyym’s weapon from flooding the surface world, and later attended the commencement of Newell’s new undersea biosphere city Hydropolis. When Namor was framed for attacking New York City, Triton joined Stingray, Andromeda Attumasen, Tiger Shark and Tamara in forming “Deep Six” to prove the Sub-Mariner’s innocence. Locating Namor near a wrecked nuclear submarine, Triton entered the vessel to remove the reactor’s control rods shortly before it blew up.

Surviving, Triton was washed ashore on Sao Paolo, an island on the edge of the original, submerged Atlantis, where Dr. Vivian Morgan, possessed by the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, found him. The radiation exposure from the submarine massively increased his musculature as Triton began drawing strength from Earth’s electromagnetic field. Morgan planned to sacrifice Triton in a ritual to raise Atlantis, but Namor intervened; however, when the Inhuman tried to save the innocent Vivian, he was stabbed while blocking a sword attack against Morgan, unintentionally completing her spell.

When many of the Inhumans were stricken with sickness from exposure to the outside world’s environment, Mr. Fantastic helped relocate Attilan from the Himalayas to the moon, upon the site of the Kree’s abandoned Blue Area. Exploring water-filled sub-lunar channels, Triton discovered an alien dreamweaver crystal; his approach triggered it, plunging all Attilan, including the visiting Fantastic Four, into personal nightmares, which ended only when Triton smashed the device.

The Kree’s Ronan the Accuser stole the entire city of Attilan and transformed it into a giant spaceship, with the kidnapped Inhumans forced to serve him. During this time, Triton and Karnak infiltrated the Shi’ar Elite Corps and then the Imperial Guard as part of Ronan’s plan to assassinate Empress Lilandra. Black Bolt won his people’s freedom, but not before slaying a Lilandra decoy, making the Royal Family interstellar fugitives. They returned to Earth and ultimately to the Moon’s Blue Area, soon followed by the rest of the Inhumans.


Triton and Black Bolt

Shortly after the Inhumans entered a brief war with the U.S.A. over the American government’s refusal to return stolen Terrigen Crystals, the shapeshifting Skrulls launched an invasion of Earth and Attilan. Black Bolt was revealed to be one of several individuals abducted and replaced by Skrull sleeper agents, prompting Medusa to take the Royal Family into space, where they allied with Ronan to rescue her husband. Triton was sent to Pelagia, the water planet, to retrieve a beacon needed to locate Black Bolt; while there, he finally learned of his resemblance to that species. Karnak improved Triton’s breathing apparatus using Kree technology, allowing him to function in space without a suit.

After Black Bolt’s rescue, Attilan was launched into space once more, as the Inhumans and Kree pursued the Skrulls, but chasing them into Shi’ar space started a war with the avian empire, now led by Vulcan, AKA Gabriel Summers. During this conflict, Triton led the New Inhuman Elite, trained in zero-g fighting, into battle. Vulcan and Black Bolt seemingly died dueling one another as a Terrigen bomb detonated, creating a massive interdimensional rift, the Fault. Commanding a water-filled ship, Triton investigated the Fault, discovering it linked to the “Cancerverse” (Reality-10011), where the monstrous Many-Angled Ones had destroyed Death. The Inhumans joined an alliance of galactic powers in stopping a Cancerverse incursion of their reality.

When Black Bolt was found alive, his people returned to Earth, where they allied with alien relatives to form the Universal Inhumans, subsequently helping repel a Kree attack on Earth. With Attilan hovering above Manhattan, the death-worshipping Thanos’ Black Order threatened it; Black Bolt evacuated the city, then destroyed it once the invaders entered. The kingdom’s remains landed in the Hudson Estuary, and the Inhumans relocated there. This destruction spread Terrigen Mists across Earth, empowering humans who unwittingly had Inhuman heritage and were subsequently dubbed the “Nuhumans.” The Inhumans sought out those affected, with Triton sent on a mission involving Ms. Marvel, AKA Kamala Khan.


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