Warrior Maiden

Valkyrie is an Asgardian. She was part of a legendary force of women warriors that seemingly all perished. When Odin ordered the Valkyrie to drive his daughter Hela, the Goddess of Death, into a prison of Odin’s making, she alone survived the assault thanks to another’s sacrifice that saved her.

Valkyrie and the Valkyrior

In her defeat, she exiled herself to the planet Sakaar and became Scrapper 142, an acquisitions specialist for the Grandmaster, ruler and Elder of the Universe obsessed with games of all sorts. She found and captured the Hulk after he arrived to Sakaar, who became the Grandmaster’s prized contender in his Contest of Champions. She also enslaved Thor Odinson as a new contender.

Master Swordswoman

Valkyrie possesses typical Asgardian physiological traits including super human strength, stamina, speed, durability, and reflexes. Her strength is greater than the typical Asgardian allowing her to capture Thor and Loki, and even knock down the Hulk. Her reflexes allow her to deflect numerous projectiles, which she does during second encounter with Hela, the Goddess of Death.

Valkyrie as an expert swordswoman

She is also an expert combatant and master swordswoman, capable of wielding her double-edged sword, Dragonfang, and dual daggers. Valkyrie is equipped with armor, standard issue of being a member of the Valkyrior.

Valkyrie is an expert pilot as well. As a bounty hunter on Sakaar, she flies the Warsong, an aircraft that has remotely-controlled gatlings: holographic gauntlets that control the Warsong’s weaponry.

Epic Enemies

As the part of the Valkyrior sworn to protect the throne, it is likely that Valkyrie has faced many incredible foes. But, she has only disclosed her battle against Hela, the Goddess of Death, who threatens Asgard on more than one occasion. Hela previously defeats Valkyrie’s fellow Valkyrior in an epic battle, resulting in their deaths and Valkyrie’s exile on Sakaar. Later, she faces her again, before Hela is slain by the fire demon Surtur.

The fire demon Surtur threatens to bring about Ragnarok onto Asgard which results in its complete annihilation. While not a direct foe to Valkyrie, he is her home realm’s enemy, but at the same time, her and the Asgardians’ salvation from Hela, the Goddess of Death.

The Revengers

Valkyrie serves the Grandmaster, leader of the garbage planet Sakaar, who is obsessed with games. He’s known to be an eccentric pleasure-seeker and quite charming, though a ruthless tyrant. The Grandmaster favors Valkyrie as he frequently defends her from his bodyguard Topaz, who displays a dismissive attitude towards her.

Valkyrie with the Grandmaster and Topez

The Hulk is a massive, rage-fueled and green-skinned creature who ends up stranded on Sakaar. Valkyrie captures him for the Grandmaster and he becomes the undefeated contender in his Contest of Champions. The stressful environment on Sakaar causes him to remain in Hulk form for two Earth years. The Hulk and Valkyrie are sparring partners and are close friends, until he reverts to his human self, the scientist and mild-mannered Bruce Banner. They still maintain a positive relationship during this time, as Valkyrie feels a connection to Bruce.

Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder, is an Asgardian that inadvertently crash-lands on Sakaar thanks to his sister Hela who expelled him from the Bifrost Bridge. Valkyrie captures him and sells him to the Grandmaster as his next contender. However, she grows to feel for Thor’s distress and helps him escape Sakaar and save Asgard.

Valkyrie and Loki

Loki, the God of Mischief and stepbrother to Thor Odinson, who also inadvertently crash-lands on Sakaar. Loki and Valkyrie spar when they seek the missing champions Thor and Hulk, but end up on the same side when fighting Hela.

With Hulk, Thor, and Loki, the Revengers is a team that Thor forms to take revenge on Hela. He recruits Valkyrie after negotiating a hard bargain, but it is Loki who makes her relive her memories of Hela which motivates her to join the team.

Valkyrie’s Scrolls

Upon Odin’s order, Valkyrie fought in an epic battle to defeat Hela, the Goddess of Death. During the fight, she fell from her steed, watching the entire Valkyrior fleet perish, piling up beside her. Distraught, Valkyrie tried to attack Hela on foot and was nearly slain, but another warrior protected her from one of Hela’s projectile swords. After the traumatizing defeat and feeling no love for the Asgardian monarchy, she exiled herself to the planet Sakaar where she became Scrapper 142, a bounty hunter for the Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions.

As Scrapper 142, she drank her way through the Grandmaster’s slave trade and came upon the Hulk. She sold him to the Grandmaster and he became his prized contender. She also came upon Thor Odinson and attacked the Sakaaran scrappers who were going to eat him. Using remotely-controlled gatlings associated with her aircraft the Warsong, she defeated the scrappers and tagged Thor with an Obedience Disk, selling him to the Grandmaster for 10 million units.

Valkyrie in Sakaar

The gladiator Korg pointed Scrapper 142 out as an Asgardian to Thor, who noticed a tattoo on her inner wrist marking her as one of the Valkyrie, a legendary force of women warriors who all perished at the hands of Hela long ago. Calling her out as a Valkyrie and idolizing her role as one, he saw an opportunity to inform her about Hela’s siege on Asgard, but she ignored him. He called her a traitor and coward to shirk her sworn duty to protect the throne as a Valkyrie, but she spat back that they were not on Asgard and she wanted nothing to do with his family issues. Thor enlisted Hulk’s help in convincing Valkyrie to help him escape and save Asgard, telling her he was putting together a team. She refused.

The Grandmaster, realizing his prized champion and newest acquisition disappeared, called on Loki and Valkyrie to track them down. Loki and Valkyrie competed for how fast they could return the missing duo. In hand-to-hand combat, Loki forced her to relive her memories of Hela when she massacred the entire Valkyrior fleet. Offering the captured Loki as a peace offering, Valkyrie joined Thor and Bruce Banner as the “Revengers,” and discussed a plan to escape Sakaar through the Devil’s Anus, the largest portal off the planet. With their plan in motion, Valkyrie helped Korg and the other gladiators start a rebellion against the Sakaaran guards by deactivating their Obedience Disks, with Thor eventually gifting her the traditional Valkyrior armor.

Valkyrie in the traditional Valkyrior armor

Upon arriving to Asgard, Thor distracted Hela while Heimdall led the remaining Asgardians to the Bifrost Bridge. Valkyrie used a laser cannon on top of the Commodore to fend of Hela’s giant resurrected wolf, Fenris, who blocked the path to the Bifrost Observatory. Though her weapon failed to stop him, Bruce leapt out of the ship and summoned the Hulk.

Loki and the gladiators arrived in Asgard allowing the fleeing Asgardians to board their ship, the Statesman. Loki, Valkyrie, and Thor discussed their options and Thor suggested they let Ragnarok—the end of all things—happen as it was the only way to defeat Hela since her power on Asgard only grew the longer she stayed there. Valkyrie faced Hela, until Thor distracted her and faced her himself. Meanwhile Loki infiltrated Odin’s Vault to place Surtur’s crown in the Eternal Flame and resurrect the fire demon, thus triggering Ragnarok.

Valkyrie faced Hela dodging her projectile swords and continued to fight off Hela’s resurrected forces on the Bifrost Bridge. When Surtur destroyed Hela and Asgard, the Bifrost included, Valkyrie and Hulk fled with Thor, Loki and the Asgardians, journeying on the Statesman to safety.

Valkyrie, Thor and the Asgardians flying away on the Statesman ship to safety

An Honest Living

Having survived Thanos' initial attack on the Asgardians in space and Thanos' snap, Valkyrie and her people settled into a more mundane life on Earth in a Norwegian town renamed New Asgard. They seemed well at home in their new lives when Hulk and Rocket rolled into town seeking Thor. She spoke to her fellow heroes, briefly reuniting with her compatriot from Sakaar but indicated that the Odinson had been doing more drinking than leading as of late.


Winged Fury

Soon after, the Avengers figured out a way to travel through time, acquire the Infinity Stones, put them in a new Gauntlet and snap the Vanished back to life. At the same time, Thanos from the past traveled to the present with an army of minions ready to back him up in his quest to erase all life. Thanks to the Avengers successful time heist, Doctor Strange managed to open portals from a variety of different places to the battlefield, including New Asgard. Valkyrie flew through on her trusty winged horse in full battle armor!

During the climactic battle with Thanos, she fought like a true warrior, aiding in the fight itself as well as keeping the Mad Titan from gaining hold of the Infinity Gauntlet. Ultimately, Iron Man managed to wrest it away from Thanos and used the Stones to send the invaders away.


The New King Of Asgard

After the battle, Thor and Valkyrie spoke near New Asgard about what the future might hold. He told her that he'd realized leading the Asgardians did not suit him, so he passed the crown of their people to Valkyrie.

As King of New Asgard, Valkyrie made sweeping changes to their slice of Midgard, turning a dozy fishing village into a bustling tourist destination. She spent her time in meetings, starring in advertisements, and shaking hands with prominent leaders.

When Gorr the God Butcher attacked the city with shadow monsters, Valkyrie responded with force. She was joined by the worthy Dr. Jane Foster, AKA The Mighty Thor, and Thor. While they fought, Gorr kidnapped New Asgardian children with such stealth that no one could stop him. Valkyrie conducted damage control and reassured her people that their children would be found. When Heimdall’s son, Axl, contacted them using his all-seeing eyes, Valkyrie, Thor, Mighty Thor, and Korg formulated a plan to recruit allies in Omnipotence City, home of the most powerful gods in the universe.

Before they left, Valkyrie checked on Foster. Despite the fact that Foster had cancer and Mjolnir wasn’t improving her health, Valkyrie encouraged her to join them in their quest. She revealed that while she loved being King, she missed fighting alongside her sisters, which now included Foster.

Once in Omnipotence City, they cloaked themselves in disguises since they lacked an invitation. However, Thor offended Zeus, forcing Valkyrie, The Mighty Thor, and Korg to reveal themselves. When Zeus refused their request of help against the maniac Gorr and let it slip that Gorr would never make it to Eternitya powerful wish-granting being at the center of the universe—Valkyrie and the Thors realized the risk was far greater than they realized. They attacked Zeus and those protecting him, allowing Valkyrie to steal Zeus’ signature lightning bolt, the Thunderbolt, which they hoped to use against Gorr. Together they made a dramatic escape using their Goat Boat, but not before Valkyrie kissed the hand of a lady goodbye.

Traveling to the Shadow Realm where the kids were being held, they faced Gorr, who quickly disabled them. Gorr reminded Valkyrie that the gods failed her too when they did nothing to protect her sisters from being massacred by Hela. Gorr made Thor choose between Mighty Thor and Valkyrie but he couldn’t so he called his ax, Stormbreaker, the very thing that would help Gorr unlock Eternity’s gate to grant his wish. Its arrival freed them and the trio battled Gorr. Valkyrie stabbed Gorr through the back with Thunderbolt, but Gorr disarmed her, stabbing her in turn with the same weapon. Thor opened the rainbow bridge to take her home, but Gorr ripped Stormbreaker from him. With Foster parted from Mjolnir and falling more ill than before and Valkyrie recovering from her injury, Thor was the only remaining warrior who could hope to save the kidnapped children. Valkyrie gave Thor the Thunderbolt, which he used to travel to the children, Gorr, and Eternity.

The universe was saved thanks to Foster going against doctor’s orders and sacrificing herself to save the universe in the battle against Gorr. After Thor returned to New Asgard with the children, Valkyrie had a statue erected to commemorate Foster. Valkyrie enrolled all the children into self-defense classes that she and Sif taught.