Veronica Chase (Earth-2149)

Veronica ChaseVeronica Chase



Professor Chase was a resident of Earth-2149 (also known as the Zombievers), which became infected by a virus that transformed many superhuman beings into flesh-eating zombie-like creatures that retained their intelligence. Professor Chase encountered dimensional travelers Deadpool (Wade Wilson, Earth-616), Doctor Betty and Bill Agent of A.I.M. who were attempting to return the decapitated head of Deadpool (Earth-2149) to his original reality. Professor Chase who was on the verge of creating a cure for the zombie virus sent Deadpool (Earth-616) out to retrieve an infected superhuman specimen in order to test her reversal serum. The "motor mouth mercenary" was successful in his mission of capturing the zombiefied Cypher. Professor Chase gave Deadpol a passionate reward for his accomplishment. Not long after their passionate interlude, Professor Chase escorted Deadpool and his friends back to the portal that would transport them to their original dimension, however this glorious moment was interrupted by the zombiefied Absorbing Man, Aguila and Armadillo who were swiftly defeated by Deadpool. Professor Chase was later infected with the zombie virus by the Absorbing Man and eventually pushed off of a rooftop by Dr. Swanson, leaving her presumed dead body splattered on the concrete pavement below.









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