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Vincent "Vin" Gonzales is a rookie officer in the New York Police Department. He was partnered with Officer Alan O'Neil and usually placed under supervision of Detective Quintin Palone. Vin's career as an officer of the law had just begun when the long absent Spider-Man (Peter Parker) returned to New York's streets. Although O'Neil and other officers were in favor of Spider-Man's continue aid in policing the city, Vin resented the wall crawler for taking matters into his own hands. Vin first encountered Spider-Man during an altercation with the villainous Overdrive and grudgingly aided him in stopping the criminal. Vin became involved in his units spider-tracer conspiracy as Palone had Vin, O'Neil and other officers plant spider-tracers on bodies to lower the unresolved crime rate. In the course of his duties Vin also encountered Menace and Freak. At the same time, Vin was attracted to Crime Scene Unit agent Carlie Cooper, but unfortunately for him, she was drawn to photographer Peter Parker. Seeking a roommate, Vin wounded up taking in Peter, partially to appease Carlie. Little did Vin suspect, but Peter was actually Spider-Man; this led Vin into danger when Spider-Man's foe Ana Kravinoff mistook Vin for Spider-Man. Believing that she had the upper hand on her prey, Ana grabbed Vin while he was dressed in Peter's Spider-Man costume. However Vin managed to escape and Ana attempted to hunt him to his death. Peter came to Vin's rescue, dressed as Daredevil, and both men survived the ordeal. Afterward, Spider-Man paid Vin a visit and claimed that he had distributed false information identifying him as Spider-Man in order to protect his true identity; this enraged Vin against Spider-Man even more. After, Palone murdered the Bookie, Vin came forward about the spider-tracer deaths and testified to his role in the conspiracy. Vin went to prison and his sister Michele took over his part of the apartment, while using her skills as a lawyer to facilitate his parole.




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