Carlie Cooper

Carlie Cooper



Carlie was daughter of respected New York detective Ray Cooper. She followed in her father's footsteps by joining the New York City, Police Department as a police forensic specialist and crime scene detective. She was best friend of Lily Hollister, daughter of D.A. turned councilman, Bill Hollister. Lily was also the girlfriend of Harry Osborn. Carlie found herself very fond of Daily Bugle photographer Spider-Man|Peter Parker. Peter and Carlie were robbed by the Spider-Mugger, Sean Boyle while out on the town. A short time later Boyle would turn up dead and while investigating his body, Carlie discovered a spider tracer in the mouth of the corpse. Officer Vin Gonzales immediately accused the Spider-Man of the murder. As a crime scene investigator, Carlie exercised her abilities examining crime scenes visited by Menace, Overdrive, and Paper Doll.

After a strung out vagrant known only as Freak stole the donation box from the Homeless Shelter and accidentally fell through the skylight of Professor Connors' lab, totally desperate for a fix he injected himself with syringes of what he thought was methamphetamine. It turned out that he had injected himself with serums of various animal stem cells, causing him to be engulfed into a large flesh like chrysalis. Carlie ran test on the chrysalis and discovered that it was highly corrosive and destroyed whatever it came into contact with, although when Freak emerged from the chrysalis lost its corrosive abilities and she was able to gather samples. Carlie would later share the samples with Professor Connors.

During a bizarre April snowstorm Carlie would become hostage and women sacrifice for the demented Doctor Benjamin Rabin, who sought to be given the powers of a Mayan Wayep God-King from Deity, but his plan was foiled by Spider-Man.




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