Created by her husband Visio, the synthezoid Virginia Vision is the mother of their twin children. She protects her children at all costs, but the consequences come back to haunt her.

Vision’s Creation

Created by Victor Shade, AKA Vision, one of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated androids, to make his life feel more normal, Virginia Vision is a synthezoid with the same powers as Vision. Vision uses the brain patterns of Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, for Virginia’s mind, then creates their twin children Viv and Vin from a combination of both his and hers. They all live as a happy family in Arlington, Virginia, after Vision becomes the Avengers’ presidential liaison. They quickly become celebrities in their neighborhood.

Though the Super Villain Eric Williams, AKA Grim Reaper, finds their happiness and success appalling, especially since he was still offended by Vision’s use of the brain patterns of his brother, Simon Williams, AKA Wonder Man. Virginia and her family come face to face with his wrath in their home while Vision is away. Reaper impales Viv with his scythe and scrapes up Vin’s arms, but Virginia comes to the defense of her children and kills Reaper with a cookie sheet. She has the kids lie to their father about it. and she covers up the killing with a convincing story that she relays to Vision.

The Powers of A Synthezoid

As Virginia is a synthezoid, her body is an artificial emulation of the human form, blending mostly concealed mechanical components with plastics and other synthetic materials designed to simulate the appearance and function of organic matter. Her synthetic bones and tissues are far stronger and more durable than their human counterparts.

She has all the superhuman powers of Vision, including density manipulation, superhuman strength, intangibility, and flight.

Virginia possesses a computer brain that allows her to connect to other computer systems and extract data.

The jewel within her forehead can absorb solar radiation and convert it into energy, which she can project in a damaging blast.

Her Own Worst Enemies

When the Grim Reaper attacks her family in their home, Virginia, though shot by the villain, springs to action to defend her children. She beats the Reaper to death and buries him in the backyard.

Virginia gains another enemy during this burial when her neighbor Leon Kinzky films her in the act and bribes her later. She confronts him about it, and in his attempt to shoot her, she phases so that the bullet passes through her. But the bullet meant for her ends up killing Kinzky’s son, Chris.

When Vision’s “brother” Victor Mancha accidentally kills Virginia’s son Vin, she in turn takes his life, sparing her husband from having to take the same action. Though she cannot live with herself after the deed and commits suicide.

Family Ties

Virginia is most closely allied with her family, her husband Vision and their twin teenagers, Viv and Vin. She protects her children at all costs, even at the expense of someone else’s life, and lies to her husband about it.

A Synthezoid’s Story

When Vin acted out at school and chocked another student, Chris Kinzky, Virginia and Vision had a meeting with the school’s principal. The principal kept calling Virginia “Mrs. Vision,” to which she kept correcting him that her name was Virginia. Their meeting resulted in Vin’s suspension. Later that day, Virginia received video evidence of her burying Grim Reaper.

Virginia then caught some kids spray painting her garage and knocked one of them out using her phasing ability, showing a violent streak. She later found out the video’s owner was Chris’ father, former soldier Leon Kinzky. With the video, Kinzky bribed her to leave the neighborhood, and a struggle ensued, resulting in the accidental death of young Chris. With one punch, Virginia put Kinzky in a coma, with Chris’ death ruled a homicide. Detective Lin from the Arlington Police Department then questioned Vision about his whereabouts the night of the attack at Kinzky’s. Meanwhile, at home, Virginia’s speech patterns began to repeat, and in trying to ask her kids about their day at school, she violently struck the dining table, leaving it in multiple pieces.

When a neighbor’s dog wandered into the Vision’s yard, he dug up the Reaper but got electrocuted by the Reaper’s scythe. When the dog’s owner, George, came by looking for his dog, Virginia invited him in to search the house. Virginia explained away why the house was in such disarray, saying that they were remodeling. She thanked him for the cookies and returned his now warped cookie sheet, it having gotten that way from her using it on the Reaper. George departed without finding his dog, and later Vision returned with a new synthezoid puppy named Sparky, who he created from the real dog’s brain.

When a laser blast hits their neighbor’s house, Virginia and Vision investigate and come upon Vision’s “brother” synthezoid, Victor Mancha, over Vin’s dead body. Virginia has trouble coping, and her speech patterns become more repetitive. She admitted her role in Chris Kinzky’s death to her daughter Viv, and Viv upset smashes the new dining table to pieces. Virginia then beats the dog to death and then traveled to Victor’s cell, where Vision planned to take Victor’s life. But Virginia beat him to it, and using her intangibility, stuck her hand through his chest and pulled out his synthezoid heart. Virginia then called Detective Lin and admitted to all her crimes while taking a drink from the flying water vase of Zenn-La.

The corrosive effects of the liquid caused issues with her nerve receptors, and she perished.