Some Assembly Required

Ultron began creating the body that would become Vision for himself using Dr. Helen Cho’s regeneration Cradle, as well as stolen Vibranium and the gem from Loki’s scepter – which was in fact the Infinity Stone known as the Mind Stone. When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner realized they could still use the unfinished form for good, they incorporated Tony’s JARVIS operating system into the body. Thor added the final piece of the puzzle by bringing his mystic lightning down to finally bring the creation to life. Vision lived and he set about doing what he could to help the Avengers.

Vision and Thor (Thor Odinson)

Open Your Mind Stone

Thanks to his artificial intelligence, Vibranium-infused synthetic body and the Mind Stone implanted in his forehead, Vision boasts an incredible number of unique powers.

He can access and process huge amounts of data in very short periods of time, making him supremely intelligent. He is able to phase through solid matter with ease. The synthetic lifeform also possesses super human strength and the ability to fly. Vision can also use the Mind Stone itself to create high-powered energy beams.

Enemies of the Android

Vision’s desire to protect humanity from threats pits him against many foes, although some are particularly important to the Super Hero.

Vision’s very existence infuriates Ultron, who had originally developed the body Vision inhabits for himself. Though they only fight the one time, Vision proves more than a match for the mechanical monster, especially when backed by the Avengers.

Thanos’ hunt for the Infinity Stones sends him straight to Vision, who finds himself in conflict with not only the Titan himself, but his coldhearted followers—including Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive—who seek the Mind Stone in Vision’s head.


Upon gaining sentience, Vision proves his worth to the Avengers by wielding Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. He allies with them in their fight against Ultron. After battling alongside Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, Vision begins training under Cap and Widow with Wanda Maximoff, War Machine, and Falcon, developing a friendship with his teammates.

Vision and Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Most notable of all his relationships with the Avengers is his bond with Wanda Maximoff. The two eventually began a romantic relationship that evolves as Vision himself does and discovers more of his own humanity.

He’s Alive

Tony Stark created a user interface known as Just A Rather Very Intelligent System—shortened to JARVIS—sometime before becoming Iron Man. After escaping kidnapping in Afghanistan, Stark used JARVIS to help him build the Iron Man Mark II armor. The program also helped him run the suit itself as well as subsequent Iron Man armor iterations.

Following many adventures on his own and with the Avengers, Stark and his teammates recovered Loki’s scepter from a Hydra base in Sokovia. Baron Wolfgang von Strucker’s scientists managed to tap into the device's incredible power and used it to build high tech weapons and even grant powers to the likes of the Maximoff twins. After Thor agreed to let Stark study the scepter, he discovered that it featured some kind of advanced artificial intelligence, far more intricate than JARVIS.

Stark convinced Bruce Banner to help him work on a worldwide peacekeeping initiative they’d discussed, called Ultron, in secret away from the other members of the Avengers. During a party at Avengers Tower, Ultron woke up and JARVIS attempted to welcome him into the world, but the new creation seemingly killed the old one and then attacked the Avengers.

Stark later got word that someone seemed to be keeping Ultron away from the world’s nuclear launch codes. That being turned out to be JARVIS, even though his programming had been scattered. Around the same time that Tony figured out how to reconstitute JARVIS, Ultron used Loki’s scepter to force Dr. Helen Cho to use her regenerative Cradle to create a new body for him, which integrated Wakandan Vibranium as well as the Mind Stone that he freed from the scepter to create a new body.

However, Ultron lost the Cradle when Captain America attacked him, giving Black Widow and Hawkeye time to get the Cradle into the Quinjet and then off to Stark at Avengers Tower. Though Banner initially wanted to destroy the body, Stark said that they could put JARVIS into this one and wind up with the Ultron concept they initially envisioned.

When the other Avengers—as well as Pietro and Wanda Maximoff—discovered what the scientists had planned, they were angered, with Quicksilver attempting to stop the process. Thor suddenly arrived in the midst of this conflict, using his power, harnessed through Mjolnir, to charge the body in the Cradle to life with his lightning.

Though the Avengers seemed skeptical at the prospect of this new being, dubbed Vision, helping them, he won many of them over when he lifted Thor's hammer—something no one but Thor had ever fully accomplished —and handed it to him.

The Avengers then traveled to Sokovia, where Ultron was, as Vision had blocked him from escaping into the internet, limiting him to only his prime robotic body and the sentry robots he’d built to assist him. Vision then joined the fight against Ultron in earnest and flew Wanda Maximoff to safety when she was endangered. With the Avengers having destroyed all of the other robots Ultron had created, Vision confronted the last one left. Though Ultron called him naive, Vision said that living among humans was a privilege, before blasting Ultron into non-existence.

After defeating Ultron, Thor deemed Vision worthy of the Mind Stone, which helped earn the synthetic man a spot on the Avengers, in a new incarnation of the team that included Captain America, Black Widow, Wanda Maximoff, Falcon, and War Machine.

Vision talking to Wanda

After several innocent lives were lost during an Avengers mission, in an incident inadvertently caused by Wanda, the team was presented with the Sokovia Accords, which would place them the control of the United Nations. Vision believed the Avengers existence had led to the increase in super powered threats, and sided with Tony Stark, who believed in following the Accords. While Steve Rogers directly rebelled against Stark and went rogue, alongside Falcon and other allies, Vision and Wanda grew closer, even as she came to realize Vision was enforcing Stark’s orders that she not leave Avengers headquarters. When Hawkeye came to free Wanda from her unofficial house arrest, Vision confronted him. But, Wanda ultimately aided Hawkeye and subdued Vision, before fleeing.

In the wake of this, Vision traveled to Berlin alongside Iron Man, War Machine, Black Panther, Black Widow and Spider-Man to subdue Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Wanda Maximoff, Ant-Man and Hawkeye. After a hard-fought battle, Vision was distracted tending to his supposed foe, Wanda, after she was harmed. James “Rhodey” Rhodes AKA War Machine asked for an assist in taking out Falcon, but Vision's Mind Stone beam missed Wilson and cut through Rhodey's armor, causing the suit to completely shut down. Rhodes survived, but lost the full use of his legs, which has weighed heavily on Vision.

Vision Flying

With Captain America and his allies now fugitives in the wake of the Avengers falling apart, Vision managed to take himself off of Stark’s radar from time to time to secretly rendezvous with Wanda Maximoff, all while he continued to evolve. The two came to realize that their unlikely romance worked. During their time in Scotland, Vision asked her to contemplate staying with him rather than them each returning to their respective duties.

The couple were interrupted by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, who attempted to rip the Mind Stone from Vision’s head for their leader, Thanos. Glaive’s weapon managed to not only pierce Vision’s synthetic skin, but disrupted his phasing abilities, but he and Wanda were assisted by the arrival of Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon. The group then traveled to Avengers headquarters in New York, reuniting with James Rhodes and Bruce Banner in the process.

Realizing the ramifications of the murderous Thanos getting the Mind Stone in his quest to assemble all six Infinity Stones, Vision suggested Wanda’s power could destroy the stone. Wanda refused to do something that would result in Vision’s death. Banner suggested the stone could be removed from Vision before its destruction, believing Vision could live without it.

However, to remove the stone without harming Vision, they needed a new level of technology and expertise only available in Wakanda. After traveling there, the brilliant Shuri worked to remove the stone, with Wanda waiting to use her powers to destroy it once it was separated from Vision. Meanwhile, the Avengers joined with the Black Panther and the forces of Wakanda to battle Thanos’ army, who had come for the stone.

When Wanda jumped into the fray to help her friends, Corvus Glaive used the opportunity to attack Vision, interrupting Shuri’s surgery. The synthetic man battled back and the two tumbled out of the building. Captain America insisted Vision get to safety as he fought Glaive, but Vision refused, stabbing Glaive through the chest with his own weapon.

When Thanos himself appeared on the battlefield, Vision begged for Wanda to destroy the stone, even though it was still embedded in his head. In tears, she agreed, and was successful, with the stone and Vision himself exploding. The unwavering Thanos simply then used his Time Stone to reverse the sacrifice, bringing Vision back simply so he could crudely rip the Stone out of the Avenger’s head. Instantly, all of Vision’s color drained from his body and he lifelessly fell to the ground, leaving him the only physical victim the surviving Avengers could mourn as Thanos snapped his fingers, causing half of all life in the universe to disintegrate into nothingness.

Though the Avengers were later able to reverse Thanos’ snap and bring back everyone who had been affected by the Blip, Vision was not one of those lucky ones. Having died prior to this event, he unfortunately remained dead, even after the retrieval of the second Mind Stone. At Tony Stark’s memorial service, Wanda and Clint shared a moment down by the lake, honoring their fallen friends and partners, Vision and Natasha.