Vixen (Crimelord)




Vixen was born and raised in the London area, presumably falling into crime early in her life-- her main interest being (and continuing to be) money and power. She specialized in organization and administration-- implementing high-risk crimes such as armed robbery and hiring out troopers as high-tech mercenaries. She found crime highly successful in maintaining her accustomed lifestyle of decadence and hedonism-- being treated as a fine lady by her henchmen, despite her humble origins, even when accompanying them on missions. She was constantly thwarted by Captain Britain, and at times found herself allied with his arch-enemy, Slaymaster, who once succeeded in capturing the Captain and stealing his costume on her behalf.

Later, she was contacted by Nigel Frobisher and Jamie Braddock on behalf of Courtney Ross' evil dimensional counterpart, Opal Lun Sat-yr-Nin. Thinking this was a business proposition, she was instead ambushed by Braddock's reality-twisting powers and turned into a white female fox-- a literal vixen. She is usually kept in the company of Braddock as little more than a house pet.






Black; (formerly)


White fur; (formerly) Dyed magenta

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