Vixen (Nigel Frobisher)

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Frobisher was a native Briton who became a self-titled "up and coming" merchant banker-- loving money and women and song despite his repeated failed attempts at all three. He often attempted to meet Rachel Summers (as Excalibur’s member Phoenix,) but his unwholesome thoughts remained too much on the surface to be meeting a telepath. When trying to impress the wealthy financier Courtney Ross (who was actually Opal Luna Sat-yr-Nin, Ross' dimensional counterpart, murderer, and replacement,) he lost a million-pound gambling wager and fell into her "service."

Frobisher was then used in many of Sat-yr-Nin's attempts at gaining a stronghold in London's underworld-- elicting the services of the Technet, Jamie Braddock, and the Vixen. As part of her plan to use the Vixen's criminal organization for her own army, Sat-yr-nin had the reality-altering Braddock transform Frobisher into Vixen's likeness.

Frobisher was on hand in Sat-yr-nin's confrontation with the team Excalibur. Attempting to kill Captain Britain and to take over the entire organization for himself, Frobisher was killed by Sat-yr-nin.









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