After the death of his father Lord Trantor, Votan became ruler of the planet, Tun. As a mutant, he was able control the will of the planet's population forcing them to serve him. Votan sought to sever the planet's ties with the intergalactic Charter, and he devised a well thought out plan to destroy the entire Charter. With the help of his loyal servant Ramrog, he began eliminating all life on planets by using a stolen Rigellian Planet-Lock to release giant planetoids onto planets causing countless deaths. Arcturus IV was the first planet to meet this violent fate. Preceding on with his plan to eliminate the Charter, he had his agents unleash a deadly plague within the Hub killing all present members of the Charter. All evidence of this deadly massacre pointed to the cosmic Avenger, Quasar.

Votan attempted to destroy the planet Earth, with the Planet-Lock, but his scheme was foiled by the newly formed Star Masters. Votan was informed of the failure by Aldebron, infuriated with the news of the failure, he sought to destroy the Korbinite race. Ramrog later admitted that the failure to destroy the Earth was his fault. Votan commanded him to purify himself, which he did by self-destructing his ship, killing himself and all on-board. Aldebron and the others continued the destruction of planets by eliminating the M'Ndavian race and leaving the powerful Pheragots to take the fall for their actions.

Votan soon addressed the inhabitants of Tun, in an attempt to convince them that the Charter needed to be eliminated. His brother Landar was among the crowd and became disgusted with him and his plan. Votan forces lost the precious Cauldron of Conversion, which they used to create the deadly plague to kill those aboard the Hub, during a pivotal battle with the Star Masters. Aldebron took responsibility for the failure and was instructed to kill herself, but she faked her death and began to seek the throne for herself.






Green, when he is using his powers



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