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The Charter



The Charter is an organization that was established nearly one million years ago. Its purpose is to keep the peace between the different civilized worlds in the universe, and its numbers have grown to over ten thousand world members. Some of its members include the Kree and Skrull races. The Charter's military force, the Cosmic Commandos, get their orders from the military unit of the Charter, Command Central, and their most recent field leader of the team was Captain Morphex.

The Charter came to Earth to invite the planet to become a member, but tragedy struck before the people of Earth could consider the Charter’s offer. All of the delegates aboard their mobile headquarters, The Hub, were murdered. Since the cosmic defender, Quasar, was among them at the time and was the only individual left alive, he became the prime suspect for their deaths. The Charter sent the Cosmic Commandos to detain Quasar, but Captain Morphex believed in the prime directive of the Charter which is “to uphold and preserve sentient life everywhere.” Since Command Central issued an order that was in opposition to that directive, Morphex knew something was wrong.

One of the Charter’s members, the Rigellians race, sent an away team to the Hub to investigate the deaths. The group was led by Tana Nile and had many androids known as Recorders to assist them. During their survey of the vessel, the search party was taken captive by a group of beings belonging to the Axi-Tun race. The members of this group, under the supervision of one called Sidereus, had a cauldron hidden on the ship filled with an unknown substance. This Cauldron of Conversion, as they called it, meant death to many alien races that were thrown into it. One Recorder managed to evade capture and sent a message back to the planet Rigel to recap the events up to this point including the presence of an unidentified residue in the ventilation system of the Hub. The Recorder speculated that the residue might have had something to do with the Charter member’s deaths. The Rigellians were disturbed by the news and decided to have the Axi-Tun investigated and possibly to revoke their membership in the Charter for their actions. Tana Nile and her fellow prisoners were eventually freed by Quasar and his team, the Star Masters. She was able to use her psionic powers to confirm Quasar’s innocence and the Axi-Tun’s guilt. After fighting their way to a space dock, Tana Nile and the other prisoners left the Hub with a promise to try and clear Quasar’s name.

Soon, the unknown residue in the ventilation system and the alien substance in the cauldron proved to be one in the same. A deadly plague meant to wipe out all other races so that only the Axi-Tun would remain. It was pumped through the Hub, killing all beings while Quasar slept. The Star Masters defeated the remaining Axi-Tun and destroyed the plague, but not before the Axi-Tun seemingly exterminated two of the world member races, the M’Ndavi and the Korbinites. The Charter appointed new delegates to take the place of the old, and the Hub became their mobile headquarters once more. It was decided by all world members that the Axi-Tun were to be expelled from the Charter and their leader, Lord Votan, was to be brought up on charges. Quasar was absolved of all charges and the Star Masters were thanked for their heroic deeds.

It can be assumed that Command Central was under the influence of Lord Votan, but now that the Axi-Tun’s membership has been revoked, Command Central will once again follow the Charter’s prime directive. It can also be assumed that Earth did not get a second opportunity to join the Charter as of yet.

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