He-Who-Walks-Across-the-Worlds-of-Life-and-Death-Like-a-Colossus (English translation of real name)Walker



Alien death god Walker was venerated by all living beings in his native galaxy, giving him tremendous power. Briefly dallying with Mistress Death, the infuriated Walker killed every living creature in his galaxy with intentions of giving her all their billions of souls. Instead, Death was repulsed by his gift and left him. Enraged, Walker vengefully sought to destroy Death. Walker tracked her main paramour Thanos to Earth, where he and his allies Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Earth woman Marlo Chandler-Jones (within who Death had hidden), and Thor had sought to keep Walker from Death by going to purgatory, where they could exist indefinitely without dying. Walker followed and forced Captain Marvel to switch places with Marlo's husband Rick Jones in order to torture him until Marlo surrendered her life, as well as Death's "life" to him; however, Death in Chandler-Jones' body, used her powers over dead souls to release all the souls Walker had in his body, destroying him and leaving only a smoking skeleton behind.






Light green, no visible iris



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