The being known as "Wayep" is one of several beings who comprise the Wayep (also "Wayob") a subrace of Mayan Gods. Doctor Benjamin Rabin a mathematician, develop a computational system using abstract symbols resembling Mayan glyphs. During the Uayep, a five-day cycle when dimensional barriers were weakened, Rabin used the glyphs to contact a particular Wayep, who besieged Manhattan with a horrendous blizzard as a demonstration of his power. Seeking the power of a Kuhul Ajaw, or "god-king," via human sacrifice of a man and a woman, Rabin murdered one co-worker, Dave, but before he murder another, Mary, he was attacked by three Mayan warriors who had been foreseen his intentions. Interrupted by Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Wolverine (James Howlett), who misinterpreted the situation, the warriors were quickly defeated. Hours later, the Wayep, empowered the first sacrifice, entered the Earth dimension, enhancing Rabin's strength tenfold, and he confronted Spider-Man. While man and god fought Rabin abducted police forensic specialist Carlie Cooper to sacrifice in Mary's place. Shortly after Rabin's arrival at the battle site, Vern, an indigent whom Spider-Man had befriended, showed up with other men to assist the web-slinging hero, their unkempt appearance mystically repelled the Wayep. They men used homemade bombs to set the Wayep aflame and Spider-Man added a web-shooter to the mix in order to immobilize the Wayep. This distraction lasted just long enough for the passing of the Uayep cycle, forcing the Wayep to return to his own dimension.









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