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Almost nothing is known about this Simon Williams from an alternate future except for the fact that he resembled the Wonder Man of Earth-616 in both appearance and power level and was no longer truly a living thing but rather a mechanoid-more machine than man. Entering our world through a portal that was part of Kang the Conqueror's time apparatus, Wonder Man and his partner Ultron first encountered Spider-Woman, and USAgent of Force Works. Ultron made quick work of Spider-Woman leaving only USAgent to contend with while Wonder Man went in search of his other companion, Cybermancer. He soon met up with Scarlet Witch and Century which made him pause…but only for a moment. After calling Scarlet Witch by her true name and a brief respite, Wonder Man easily defeated both heroes only to finally find his techno-organic lover and freed Cybermancer from her prison inside the Force Works compound. Not wanting to leave her suit behind, the three visitors from another time line set out in search of it.

The joyous reunion was short lived as the time gate they came through began to implode. The alternate time line was dying and even though the Scarlet Witch promised to help Wonder Man and his mistrusting friends find a place in our world, she soon found out it was beyond her power to do so. As Cybermancer shouted protests and commanded her allies to kill the members of Force Works, Wonder Man ignored her orders, and told the Scarlet Witch of his world. In his world, Kang had been killed and Tony Stark along with Cybermancer had rebuilt the world. The world had become overrun by technology and artificial intelligences, like Ultron, wore flesh bodies and born in vats while men and women like Wonder Man had their identities stripped by surgery. He also explained how he spent the last decade of his life taking orders from Stark and maimed and killed at the monster's impulse, and he had enough of the bloodshed. The war-torn world the three beings came from began to take back its own, even as Wonder Man accepted Scarlet Witch's offer, and the techno-organic woman known as Cybermancer was its first victim as she was erased from the time stream. The second life to be claimed was that of Ultron, and as the body of Wonder Man was starting to fade out of existence he displayed the heroic traits of our own Simon Williams and sacrificed himself, in an attempt to save our world, by leaping back through the portal in order to seal it shut. However, he only delayed the process and it wasn't until the real Suzi Endo showed up with the Cybermancer suit and sent it back through the time gate shutting it down forever.









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