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After a long period of disagreeing with Avengers' policies and direction, Iron Man voted to disband the West Coast Avengers to form his own proactive team: Force Works. He recruited some of his former teammates: the Scarlet Witch, who assumed leadership duties, and Spider-Woman, U.S.Agent and Wonder Man. Serving as support staff were Fisher Todd (tech support), Amanda Chaney (public relations) and Consuela (maid and nanny). The group was based in former Stark Enterprises R&D facility the Works, including a virtual reality training area (the VROOM Room) and holographic master computer PLATO (Piezo-electrical Logistic Analytic Tactical Operator). Stark's ideological basis for the team's existence was that heroes should respond to crisis situations before they swelled out of control. The Scarlet Witch's hex powers were expected to interface with PLATO's probability programs, predicting crisis points.

Unfortunately, the team's first mission was beyond PLATO's ability to predict - the Starstealth, a group of Kree warriors, came to Earth alongside a Recorder android, erroneously believing that Wonder Man and the Vision had destroyed their homeworld, Hala. During a confrontation at the old Avengers West Coast facility, the Kree's powerful Ion Cannon threatened to destroy the Earth. Wonder Man seemingly died ending the threat, and the team's forces were bolstered by the unexpected arrival of amnesiac alien Century. Century was followed by the Scatter, carnivorous colony insects who laid waste to whole worlds. Force Works drove them away from Earth after a fierce battle in the streets of Houston, Texas.

Flush with early success but still reeling from Wonder Man's death, Force Works embarked on a series of globe-trotting adventures: in the Baltic nation Slorenia, they encountered the mystic champion of an oppressed people, Ember, and the armored warrior Black Brigade; in Hong Kong, they united with War Machine against the Mandarin; and in Australia, they discovered a neophyte hero named Dreamguard, assisting him against the enigmatic alien Orphan. During these missions, the team was secretly hampered by the Recorder, who had remained with them following their initial mission. The Recorder's deceptions were eventually exposed after he aided the Starstealth in escaping from the metahuman prison known as the Vault.

After teaming with the Avengers against the Starstealth and escaping the clutches of an alien merchant named Broker, Force Works became embroiled in an elaborate scheme known as the Crossing. Iron Man, acting under the influence of Immortus (who was posing as Kang the Conqueror), betrayed the team's newest associate, Suzi Endo, replacing her with an alternate dimensional counterpart of herself who usurped her identity as Cybermancer. Moonraker, an alleged Space Phantom masquerading as a dimensionally displaced hero, joined the group, altering memories so that it seemed he had been a member for months and was romantically involved with Spider-Woman. Moonraker successfully sowed confusion and doubt, then led the team to Vietnam, distracting them from Immortus and his true plans. Force Works barely survived these events, working in tandem with the Avengers, but the group was without focus after Iron Man's departure. They remained together long enough to foil an attempt by counterparts of Wonder Man and Ultron to rescue the evil Suzi Endo, then most of the members went their separate ways, with the Scarlet Witch returning directly to the Avengers.

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