Wrench (Kurt Klemmer)

Kurt KlemmerWrench



After a mugger killed his mother, Kurt Klemmer began to suffer from headaches that would not go away. His mental state was negatively affected as he started to hear things – sounds of his mother crying in pain. Klemmer had to find a way to stop it. In his rage, he resorted to despicable violence. He became a murderer. One of his first victims was his mother's best friend which forced a confrontation between him and Omega. Taking the hero by surprise, Klemmer won the first round, but shortly after, Omega prevented Klemmer from assaulting James-Michael Starling – a youth under Omega's protection. Klemmer surprised Omega a second time, shooting him, but James-Michael used the power he shared with Omega and blasted Klemmer. When the police arrived, they took him into custody. Sometime later, Klemmer was claimed to have been killed by the Scourge of the Underworld.









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