Omega (the Unknown)

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Constructed as part of a project to save the Protar culture, X-3Z was sent to the planet Srenesk - ignorant of his true origins. Part of his programming was to learn about its adopted way of life and transfer its experiences to the next model. The artificial life-form eventually joined a warrior society and took a vow of silence. X-3Z was considered a success, and a final human facsimile was built and sent to Earth.

X-3Z was given a great honor to be able to tap into Srenesk's biospheric energy. Once the Protar discovered this, and knowing this ability would be transferred to James Michael Starling – their human construct – they attempted to stop the empowerment. The reason being was they knew their creations could not control such power successfully. X-3Z took the Protar's intervention as an attack and unleashed his awesome new ability. As predicted, the energy overwhelmed him, and he destroyed all Sreneskains except himself. Upon learning the Protar’s plans to destroy James-Michael, X-3Z went to Earth to act as the boy's guardian. He arrived just in time to save James-Michael from a Protar assassin.

That same night, as X-3Z was attempting to dispose of the assassin’s body, he was attacked by a mysterious assailant who would later turn out to be Electro. He also foiled a store robbery and ended up working for the owner – a nice old man nicknamed Gramps. After an impromptu battle with the Hulk, the press dubbed X-3Z "Omega the Unknown" because of his costume's symbols. Omega also battled menaces like El Gato, a serial killer called Wrench, the exploding man known as Nitro, and Blockbuster.

In an attempt to win money to help James-Michael relocate, Omega and Gramps went to Las Vegas. After winning quite a bit of money, they attracted the attentions of Ruby Thursday, who robbed them. Omega gave chase, but local police mistook him for the criminal and shot him dead. Once Ruby learned Omega was an artificial life-form, she attempted to steal his body which led to a confrontation with James-Michael and the Defenders. It was a conflict that led to James-Michael's death. Moondragon took his and Omega's lifeless bodies into space where they were apparently reduced to ashes within a sun.




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