WynSer Reddwyn

Lord of the Highlands, Root of the World Tree, Salt of the Earth—and the one and only Avatar of The-Powers-That-Be.


G.O.D.S. Preview covers for #2-4


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G.O.D.S. #3 variant cover by Phil Noto


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VENOM (2021) #24 artwork by Sergio Davila


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Hidden in plain sight, the mysterious Wyn serves The-Powers-That-Be while maintaining the balance with The-Natural-Order-of-Things.


Ancient Avatar

Though his origins remain mysterious, what is known about Wyn is that he’s long-lived, a troublemaker and rascal who serves as the avatar for The-Powers-That-Be. His service has been longer than he’ll admit, and takes issue with authority.


Magical Items

As a long-lived ancient being, Wyn appears to be nearly immortal. Wyn wields a magical bracelet, a dagger, shield, and whip, all of which he uses as weapons. He keeps gadgets and potions on his person in several holsters concealed under his jacket.



As an ancient being, it’s likely that Wyn’s gathered some foes along the way, but none are yet known.


Trusted Allies

The details of Wyn’s relationship with The-Powers-That-Be remains to be seen other than that he serves them begrudgingly. He does, however, ally with his Proxy Dimitri the Science Boy to fulfill his duties.


A Long-Lived History

Having lived a long life serving those on high, Wyn walks a path that’s yet to be fully revealed. Though he appeared to Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, who handed him a tome, which Wyn promptly stowed in his jacket. When Strange inquired about whether Wyn was good or evil, Wyn dodged his question with an ambiguous reply.

Wyn and Dimitri attended the third Hellfire Gala without an invite and asked Ilyana Rasputin, AKA Magik, whether the recent decree that Mutants were the new gods was true. Magik confirmed it and asked him and Dimitri to leave, and they departed.



Other Aliases
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