Super-speedster Yo-Yo Rodriguez always snaps back as Slingshot, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Yo-Yo (Elena Rodriguez)

From a Bad Beginning

The daughter of mutated Super Villain Griffin—though the exact circumstances, including the identity of her mother, remain undisclosed—Yo-Yo Rodriguez grew up on the mean streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, aware of her parentage, but seemingly unfazed by it. Having discovered her powers at an early age, due most likely to her father’s altered DNA, Yo-Yo somehow fell onto Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury’s radar as a super human individual and she was approached by Agent Daisy Johnson to join a special strike force unit under Fury’s orders.

Rodriguez initially exhibited surprise and confusion over the invitation, but accepted the offer and took her place alongside other young individuals with abnormal abilities. The covert group was known as the “Secret Warriors” and Rodriguez was given the codename Slingshot in recognition of her power set.

Like a Yo-Yo

Rodriguez possesses super-speed, allowing her to run at such a high velocity that she does not register on the human eye while moving. In addition, once she stops running to come to a rest, she immediately “snaps back” to her run’s original beginning place. She also has been trained as a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative with thorough direction in combat, weaponry, and field tactics.

Yo-Yo (Elena Rodriguez)

Yo-Yo Rodriguez sports two prosthetic arms, the result of the complete loss of her limbs while on a mission to confront a super powered individual. Fully cybernetic and state-of-the-art, the artificial arms operate exactly as real limbs in all ways.

Team Player

Immersed in the Secret Warriors, Rodriguez learned quickly to operate as a member of the team and to accept the help of her compatriots Stonewall, Phobos, Hellfire, and Druid, all of them the children of either Super Heroes, Super Villains, or other powered people. Rodriguez grew closest with Stonewall and together they faced their pasts by convincing each other to meet wayward parents.

Later, Rodriguez joined S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Moth Squadron, an elite group made up of so-called “Caterpillar” agents and led by former Secret Warriors taskmaster Daisy Johnson. Both women proved to be stalwart companions to each other, and share a rebellious personality trait.

Yo-Yo (Elena Rodriguez)






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Dancing on a String

The Secret Warriors were initially formed by Nick Fury to address the alien Skrull “secret invasion” of Earth.

Yo-Yo (Elena Rodriguez)

Rodriguez and her crew worked to incapacitate the Skrulls’ religious division, known as the Dard’van, and also participated in a more public battle with the alien shape-shifters in New York’s Central Park. The young woman saw the cost of war close-up, being witness to the aftermath of Earth’s heroes routing the Skrulls’ forces.

In her first defiance of authority, Rodriguez and two of her comrades engaged a group of terrorists in Texas, in opposition to the direct orders they were given to observe only. Soon after, Phobos’ prophecy of the young woman being seriously wounded in battle seemed to come true when Rodriguez lost both arms in a fight with a Hydra terrorist called the Gorgon.

Yo-Yo (Elena Rodriguez)

Stonewall insisted on staying at her side while she struggled with the devastating injuries, but Rodriguez later gained two prosthetic limbs to replace the originals. At that time, she and Stonewall also helped each other face their respective parents, and the team banded together to convince Daisy Johnson to reinstate Druid after she’d dismissed him from duty.

More Secret Warriors missions for Yo-Yo Rodriguez followed, including assisting Fury during Norman Osborn’s siege on the Asgardian city of Asgard, which had appeared on Earth during a tumultuous time. Later, the team, split into two smaller units, traveled to an orbiting satellite called Heaven’s Hell to confront both Hydra and Leviathan. During this mission, Rodriguez’s teammate Phobos was killed by the Gorgon, but she and the Warriors were able to defeat him not long after. Subsequently, she joined both Fury’s Team Black, and then S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Moth Squadron.

When Captain America operated as a secret Hydra agent, he removed Rodriguez and the Squadron from their assignment to keep watch on the Inhuman city New Attilan and dispatched them to Baltimore. The move was a set-up orchestrated by the captain to ambush the team and eliminate them. Yo-Yo Rodriguez rescued Daisy Johnson from the ambushers, the Wrecking Crew, but when she valiantly returned to the attack site to retrieve her other partners, she was apparently killed by the Crew’s leader, the Wrecker.

Yo-Yo (Elena Rodriguez)
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