Zephyr was the youngest member of the Elementals a pantheon whose origin predates the Asgardians of Asgard. They were virtually immortal and possessed dominion over water, earth, air and fire; they can manipulate other energies, notably forming force fields or opening dimensional portals. Their origins are unrevealed; they were cast from one universe and traveled to Earth sometime before 3500 BC. Appearing as gods, they ruled a kingdom until they sought to extend their domain to what would become Egypt. Young warrior Dan and wizard Garrett created the Ruby Scarab, which sapped the Elementals of their powers and banished them from Earth. They rebuilt their extradimensional prison into their “Palace of Gods.”

Zephyr scourged the earth many millennia ago in search of the Ruby Scarab that would be used against her pantheon. During her quest to secure the scarab Zephyr mentally enslaved the Living Mummy (N'Kantu) sending him to Earth to recover the scarab. The Mummy was delayed in his efforts by the Living Pharaoh (Ahmet Abdol) and Rich Harper a thief known as Asp. Zephyr journeyed to Earth herself to obtain the babble. The other Elementals seeing Zephyr as an inferior being grew tired of her slow performance, and also journeyed to Earth, where they bound Zephyr along with their human captives. Zephyr allied herself with Asp against her brethren.

At some point in her search for the scarab Zephyr learned that the young “Thunder God” Thor, possessed a Red Ruby that was a gem of seduction. Zephyr stole the gem only to discover that it would not serve her purpose of restoring her pantheon to power. Sometime later Zephyr appeared as an apparition within the mind of Thor as he investigated the source of a furious storm that had fallen upon the Earth. Thor's investigation of the storm uncovered Ego to be the cause of the turbulent weather on the Earth. Thor attempt to persuade Ego to change his route, but Thor failed. Thor decided to travel to the "Living Planet's" destination, the museum of the Collector. After freeing several of the Collector's exhibits Thor saw Zephyr, who he believed to be responsible for guiding him there to rescue her from the Collector. Although it was later revealed that she was originally a captive, but she has chosen to work freely alongside the Collector for reasons yet to be revealed.









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