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The Elementals Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum and Zephyr are extradimensional humanoids, nearly immortal, who can control the earthly elements of fire, water, earth, and air. With their powers, they act as Gods and seek to rule as such.


Interdimensional Nigh-Immortals

Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, and Zephyr possess power over fire, water, earth, and air respectively. They are also virtually immortal and can manipulate other energies, notably forming force fields or opening dimensional portals. Their origins unrevealed, they were cast, along with Zephyr who has power over winds, from one universe and traveled to Earth sometime before 3500 BC. Appearing as gods, they ruled a kingdom until they sought to extend their domain to what would become Egypt.

A young warrior, Dann, and the wizard Garrett created the Ruby Scarab, which sapped the Elementals’ powers and banished them from Earth. They rebuilt their extradimensional prison into their “Palace of Gods.”


God-Like Elementals

Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, and Zephyr are extradimensional humanoids with powers over the four earth elements who seek to rule over others as Gods. Hellfire with power over fire, leads the group, while Magnum is the master of earth, Zephyr is the mistress of wind and Hydron is the lord of water. Though Zephyr is cast out of the group after she betrays them.


Fierce Foes

Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, catches wind of a desperate cry for help, tied to the Elementals, coming from an island. When she arrives, she battles three of the Elementals, and their ally Hecate, while they try to retrieve a mystic ruby. Though the Elementals turn on Hecate, allying her to Captain Marvel for a short time who together, disable Magnum.

Zephyr mentally enslaves N’Kantu, AKA the Living Mummy, and the Elementals use him against Ahmet Abdol, AKA the Living Monolith, to obtain the Ruby Scarab, an ancient artifact which can sap or increase their powers.

Richard “Asp” Harper and Miles Olddan are small time thieves that get caught in between the Elementals and the Ruby Scarab. When Zephyr can no longer control N’Kantu, she is thought a traitor and betrays the group.

Hecate, explorer and mistress of the moon, rescues the Elementals from the dimensional aleph and with her science, makes them whole again. Though they turn on her when their desire to rule the world outweighs their alliance.


The Trusted Few

The Elementals Hellfire, Magnum, Hydron, and Zephyr trust only themselves, though find allies with beings such as Hecate for a short time. When they perceive Zephyr’s actions as a betrayal to their goal to rule as Gods, the Elementals reduce to a trio.


An Elemental Almanac

When the Elementals regained access to Earth, they summoned the newly revived N’Kantu, the Living Mummy. Zephyr mentally enslaved N’Kantu, sending him to recover the Ruby Scarab, so it could not be used against them again. They sent N’Kantu back to Egypt, giving him the means to sense the Scarab’s energies. N’Kantu located its current holder, Ahmet Abdol (aka the Living Pharaoh, formerly the Living Monolith). N’Kantu overpowered Abdol, but Rich Harper, a thief known as the Asp, stole the Scarab during their struggle.

Hellfire and the others sent Zephyr to Earth to better control N’Kantu and recover the Scarab. Zephyr joined N’Kantu in forcing the Asp—via holding hostage his partner Miles Olddan—to steal back the Scarab from Egyptologist Dr. Alexei Skarab, its recent buyer. Skarab revealed the Elementals’ world-conquering plot and convinced N’Kantu and the Asp to oppose them, but the other Elementals captured Olddan and Zephyr, condemning the latter as a failure and traitor, and demanding the Scarab. Asp and N’Kantu attacked the Elementals, but the Asp was captured, and N’Kantu was forced to flee with Dr. Skarab and his students, Janice Carr and Ron McAllister.

To prevent the Scarab from getting too far, the Elementals created a force field around the city of Cairo, posing as gods and offering rewards to those who served them and death to those who opposed them. The Elementals then spread their efforts outward, crushing other Egyptian resistance, driving Israeli forces from the Suez Canal, and defeating Sudanese troops. United Nations forces and even the Avengers were mobilized against them but were not given authorization to act in the politically tense Middle East situation.

The Elementals then set themselves up as a tyrannical government in Cairo. Ron McAllister, alongside N’Kantu (in disguise), shot Hydron, winging his chest and causing him to lose control of the bonds holding their allies; with Zephyr’s aid, they all escaped again.

The Elementals soon followed, however, overpowering their foes and claiming the Scarab, which amplified their powers geometrically. Maintaining a previously established link to the Scarab, Dr. Skarab tapped its power and warped Cairo into a dimensional aleph (nexus of realities), though the soldiers and uninvolved civilians were left on Earth. The Scarab’s energies permeated the entire aleph, and both groups could access them. Dr. Skarab led McAllister, Olddan, Carr, and the Asp, concentrating their mutual mental energies and those of the Scarab and channeling them through N’Kantu, Zephyr and Dr. Skarab. Their energies blasted Hellfire, Hydron and Magnum out of Cairo, casting them into the vortex at the heart of the aleph. Cairo and the others returned to Earth, and Asp, Zephyr and Olddan stole the Scarab and escaped.

Returning to Earth via the extraterrestrial explorer Hecate, the three other Elementals joined her in locating Zephyr, Olddan and the Asp on a remote Caribbean Island (housing a space research facility), then overpowered and imprisoned them. Super Hero Carol Danvers, AKA Ms. Marvel (later Captain Marvel), sensed their energies and traveled there. While Hecate occupied Marvel, Hydron dehydrated Zephyr until the Asp revealed the Scarab’s location to save her.

Possessing their goal, Hellfire, Hydron and Magnum turned on Hecate. Danvers defeated Hellfire within a vacuum chamber. Magnum and Hydron fought over the Scarab, and the Scarab-holding Magnum won. Hecate and Danvers then divided Magnum’s attention until Danvers tore the Scarab from his hand, incapacitating him in the backlash.

The Elementals’ subsequent fate is unrevealed, but the Ruby Scarab was eventually claimed by the Egyptian Mehemet Faoul, who became the heroic Scarlet Scarab in emulation of his father Abdul, the 1940s Scarlet Scarab.

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