Ziggy Pig

Ziggy Pig

Ziggy Pig is the serious stooge of the Ziggy and Silly Seal comedic duo and together they get up to playful antics against their conniving antagonist, Toughy Cat.


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Ziggy Pig is a reasonable and serious sometimes stooge cartoon partner to Silly Seal, the comedic relief who always offers levity in their adventures and against their adversary Toughy Cat.


Practical Pig

Somewhat smarter and more practical than Silly Seal, Ziggy often protects his pal from any manner of harm. Though he never passes up a chance to throw some sarcasm Silly’s way.



Ziggy is always aware of his surroundings and uses whatever is nearby to defeat Toughy Cat, including but not limited to hot rivets, a fishing hook, a lobster, and a butter knife.


Slippery Saboteurs

Toughy Tomcat, AKA Toughy Cat, is often antagonistic towards Ziggy and his pal Silly. While Toughy tries to get rid of Silly, Ziggy saves the day and when Ziggy is in a scrap with the alley cat, Silly swoops in.

Víctor von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom, brings Ziggy and Silly back together after a falling out but it leads down a road to Latveria.


Set the Seal on Friendship

Silly Seal is Ziggy’s number one friend and sidekick. Practically inseparable, together these anthropomorphic animals solve problems and team up against Toughy Cat when he tries to hurt one of them–and sometimes the duo picks on Toughy too.

Silly is not the only friend Ziggy pals around with. Other willing adventurers include Super Rabbit, Wacky Duck and Krazy Krow, Buzzy the Mouse as well as Billy and Buggy Bear.


The Life and Times of an Anthropomorphic Pig

Ziggy and Silly often go head-to-head with Toughy Cat, but the duo always has each other’s backs. When Toughy Cat captures Ziggy and straps him to a saw table, Silly saved Ziggy.

Excited to go to the beach with Silly, Ziggy arrived at Silly’s house. He soon discovered Silly had a major leak. Practically drowning, Ziggy asked Silly if he fixed it but Silly was unable to find it. On their way to find the leak, Silly realized he needed to save his pet fish. When they finally found the source of the leak which was a sink faucet, Ziggy resolved to call a plumber, while Silly desired a glass of water. The plumber’s assistant arrived without the plumber. Ziggy tried to make the best of it by seeking out his swimsuit but was smashed by a door. Knocked out, Silly revived him with a bucket of water. The plumber’s assistant returned with the plumber and discovered the leak was no leak at all and instead a shower that was left on. Silly encouraged them all to go to the beach to go swimming but Ziggy had a swimming pool at home and the rest swam in the remaining water while Silly was left on his own.

After Toughy Cat attacked Johnny Storm, AKA Human Torch, and Susan Storm-Richards, AKA Invisible Girl (now Invisible Woman) of the Fantastic Four, Ziggy called Johnny and set up a meeting with the first family. Ziggy and Silly met up with Johnny and Ben Grimm, AKA The Thing, along with their cartoon pals Super Rabbit, Wacky Duck, and Krazy Krow. They recount their fall from grace back in the 1940s when they no longer fit in the modern world. It was Toughy Tomcat that wanted to provide for them and used his feline nature to take bounty hunter jobs but the money changed him and he became overly protective. He never let Ziggy and Silly leave the apartment, for decades, claiming the world was too dangerous. The cartoon team teamed up against Toughy by secretly hiring him to take down the Fantastic Four thinking he would fail but their plan backfired. It wasn’t until The Thing smashed a piano into Toughy that he reverted back to his old self and Toughy reunited with Ziggy and Silly.

While Ziggy and Silly were always the closest of friends, they had a falling-out. Ziggy became a broke bitter bum who drank too much while Silly remained much the same, lovable yet clueless but wildly rich and Ziggy despised him for it. They are brought back together by Doctor Doom on a road to Latveria where Doom revealed he caught Ziggy signing into Silly’s Facespace and unfriending him. About to give a kill order, Doom is stopped by Silly’s wife Roxanne who saved them by playing the whole thing off as a part of Ziggy and Silly’s comeback, that Doom himself would star in: The Road to Latveria Special.