Weapon X Vol. I (Trade Paperback)

Weapon X Vol. I (Trade Paperback)

Weapon X Vol. I (Trade Paperback)

Weapon X Vol. I (Trade Paperback)

  • Published

    November 30, 1999

Of all the members of the X-Men, none has been more popular than Wolverine -- yet the origins of this mutant hero had always been tightly shrouded in mystery. Aside from a few hazy tidbits, Wolverine's past has always been little more than a blank slate. In WEAPON X, acclaimed writer/illustrator Barry Windsor-Smith peels back this veil of secrecy to reveal how Wolverine's skeleton became laced with an indestructible adamantium metal. Kidnapped and drugged, Wolverine is subjected to a series of sadistic medical experiments designed to create the perfect soldier. As he battles back against this tortuous experience, Wolverine proves himself to be a true hero long before his days as an X-Man.

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