Fearless (Trade Paperback)

Fearless (Trade Paperback)

Fearless (Trade Paperback)

Fearless (Trade Paperback)

  • Published

    November 27, 2019

Collects Fearless (2019) #1-4. The fiercest ladies of the Marvel Universe — on and off the page! Straight off her silver-screen debut, Captain Marvel takes the world by storm! And speaking of the weather, Storm of the X-Men faces a problem only a goddess could solve. Add in the Invisible Woman, and you’ve got an unstoppable trio in a story by Hugo-nominated novelist Seanan McGuire! Alien invasion at a summer camp for young girls? You know whom to call. Carol Danvers is on her way — and she won’t be alone! Plus: Journey back to the Golden Age of romance with Millie the Model! Enter the dangerous world of Night Nurse! And join Patsy Walker — A.K.A. Hellcat — on the prowl! Also featuring “Herstory” profiles on classic and contemporary creators!

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  • Format:Trade Paperback
  • FOC Date:October 07, 2019
  • Page Count:133

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