Marvel-Verse: Shuri (Trade Paperback)

Marvel-Verse: Shuri (Trade Paperback)

Marvel-Verse: Shuri (Trade Paperback)

Marvel-Verse: Shuri (Trade Paperback)

  • Published

    October 12, 2022

Collects Shuri #1 and #6-7, Marvel Action: Black Panther #5-6 and material from Marvel's Voices #1. Shuri, princess of Wakanda, has one of the bravest souls and most brilliant minds in the Marvel-Verse - and these are the tales that prove it! She's happiest in a lab, surrounded by gadgets. But when her brother T'Challa goes missing, will Shuri step up for the sake of Wakanda? Shuri's search takes her to New York City, where a wild adventure awaits alongside two of America's finest young heroes, Miles Morales and Kamala Khan! Then, it's a high-tech, high-octane race against the X-Men's engineer Forge and several other gearheads - but Shuri always plays to win! And when one of the Black Panther's advisors suffers an injury, a wicked curse sends T'Challa and Shuri on an epic quest where nothing is as it seems!

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  • Format:Trade Paperback
  • FOC Date:August 01, 2022
  • Page Count:153


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