Iron Man

Iron Man: The Armored Avenger

Tony Stark is Iron Man! After surviving the traumatic circumstances of his rebirth, Iron Man fights for justice alongside his fellow Avengers, all the while keeping his own inner demons at bay!

Iron Man's Greatest Moments


in Tales of Suspense (1959) #39

Marvel's modern icon revolutionized comics upon his debut with his mix of carefree antics and political intrigue. Relive the moments that led to Iron Man's creation as they originally unfolded in this classic Marvel tale!


in Iron Man (1968) #1

Iron Man's big debut in his own eponymous series has him taking on the Maggia crime syndicate and a the mad scientists of A.I.M. With S.H.I.E.L.D. agents like Nick Fury and Gabe Jones at his side, Stark sets his sites on blowing up some of the most dangerous weapons in A.I.M.'s armory!


in Iron Man (1968) #128

After staring down his business rival Justin Hammer, Tony Stark faces his real archenemy-his drinking problem! After taking a costly flight in the Iron Man armor having a fall out with his butler Jarvis, Stark must confront his inner demons before they corrupt him completely!


in Iron Man (1968) #149

Metal meets metal in this classic two-parter pitting Iron Man's might against Doom's unflinching ego! Iron Man's futuristic armor even mixes it up with armor of old when Stark and Doom's grudge match gets relocated to the days of King Arthur's Camelot!


in Iron Man (1968) #225

Iron Man meets his match after Spymaster steals a number of Stark's armor designs and sells them to his rival Justin Hammer. Stark then begins the treacherous task of reclaiming his technology from armored bad guys like Stilt-Man, Beetle, and Crimson Dynamo!


in The Invincible Iron Man (2004) #1

Iron Man steps back onto the launch pad in this brand new start. Thanks to a bold new invention called Extremis, Tony Stark receives an upgrade to his armor that will change his life forever-if it doesn't kill him first!