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As tight-knit as family, handfuls of X-Men have found love amongst their mutant teammates. Get ready for the monumental wedding in X-Men: Gold #30…by taking a “long walk on the beach” through our favorite X-relationships past and present!


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Colossus & Kitty Pryde

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #165

What started as a one-sided teenage crush grew into an unbreakable bond. But it hasn’t been easy: there was the time Colossus fell in love with an alien woman (Uncanny X-Men #183) and seemingly perished from the Legacy Virus, while Kitty fell for Pete Wisdom and Star-Lord. But they’ve always found their way back…

Cyclops & Jean Grey

in X-Men (1991) #30

The chemistry between telepath Jean Grey and optic-blaster Cyclops was palpable from the start. Both each other’s first loves, this enduring duo would have to deal with Wolverine’s constant come-ons, Jean’s possession by the Phoenix, and even Scott’s psychic affair with Emma Frost. Relive happier times when the couple was newlywed.

Jean Grey & Wolverine

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #394

It never phased Wolverine that Jean was spoken for (or y’ know, married). Although the flirtation was mutual, Jean always cooled the jets of the X-Men’s hothead. Here, Wolverine acts on impulse when he and “Red” are nearly obliterated in a psychic mindscape. New X-Men (2001) had some juicy “will-they-won’t they” moments, and we do need to give a shout out to What If? (1989) #60 where they actually end up together!

Gambit & Rogue

in X-Men (1991) #24

Both orphans, both from the Bayou, and both formerly delinquent, this union is kismet. But Rogue’s inability to touch kept her walls up, while Gambit’s colorful past led to major trust issues (understatement). But despite her relationship with Magneto in X-Men Legacy (2008), it was destiny that drew Rogue back to her one true “Shugah”. Check out their Cajun-level spicy first date!

Cyclops & Emma Frost

in New X-Men (2001) #155

After instigating a super subtle affair in New X-Men #131 (cool outfit, Emma!), it seemed only a matter of time before Frost would become Cyke’s next great love. With their combined sense of duty, Cyke and Emma became the next Headmaster and Mistress of Xavier’s, steering the X-Men through near extinction until adult Scott’s death in Death of X #4.

Angel & Psylocke

in Uncanny X-Force (2010) #18

Both with dark sides that have inspired the likes of Apocalypse, the pairing between Warren Worthington III and Elizabeth Braddock is too compatible. Even though they’ve been on-off for years (Psylocke had a relationship with mutant thief Fantomex), we’re still rooting for these two – even after Betsy stabbed her beloved in this issue.

Forge & Storm

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #186

A depowered Storm begins a romance with technomancer Forge that ends with a proposal (the two got close while banished to a pocket dimension in Uncanny X-Men #226). But Forge blows it – unable to deal with Storm’s duties to the X-Men, he leaves her for an ill-fated affair with Mystique, a woman who “needs him.” Storm wound up Queen of Wakanda, and later rebounded with Wolverine (2011’s Wolverine & the X-Men).

Dazzler & Longshot

in X-Men (1991) #11

Love in another dimension! Mutant pop star Dazzler found some constancy with the Mojoworld renegade, just as her music career hit the skids. So Dazz packed her bags and joined her Longshot love on his home planet in his rebellion against Mojo. The product of their union, was a son, Shatterstar.

Cable & Domino

in Cable (1993) #20

Domino’s nonchalant attitude (if you had probability powers you’d be too), proved the perfect antidote to Cable’s severity. Although their stolen moments together while with X-Force were sometimes casual, Cable showed genuine love for his “Lady Luck” right before the M’Kraan Crystal engulfed their reality.

Rictor & Shatterstar

in X-Factor (2005) #259

Long-standing friends since their X-Force days, seismic-manipulator Rictor and gladiator Shatterstar added a new level to their relationship while with X-Factor, Multiple Man’s detective agency (#45). Here, Julio gets a peek at “Star’s” home dimension, Mojoverse, and even plays a critical role in his boyfriend’s birth. Yep, time travel!

Multiple Man & Siryn

in X-Factor (2005) #10

In messiness typical of the series, the course of this love never did run smooth. Just as things heat up between him and Theresa “Siryn” Rourke, Jamie “Multiple Man” Madrox realizes that one of his loose dupes also came onto teammate (and employee) Monet St. Croix. Rather than let a love triangle implode them, Siryn and Madrox stay the course, even having a baby together in #39. Kind of.

Captain Britain & Meggan

in Captain Britain (1985) #5

Despite a crazy history complicated by his role as Protector of the Omniverse, Captain Britain and changeling Meggan finally tied the knot in Excalibur’s series finale. Check out one of their pre-Excalibur adventures, where a still-evolving Meggan assists Cap against the Technet, alien bounty hunters.

Beast & Trish Tilby

in X-Men: Prime (1995) #1

Not all X-Men find love with their own species! Hank McCoy and reporter Trish were equal minds and best friends. But Trish’s journalism led to some serious ethical rifts. There was also the time she broke up with Hank because he was “too mutated” (New X-Men #117). Fear not: brilliant Beast became involved with S.W.O.R.D. Director Abigail Brand. Shout out too to an 80s fling with Dazzler (1985’s Beauty and the Beast)!

Havok & Polaris

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #425

Sparks flew between Alex Summers and Lorna Dane while both were auxiliary X-Men during the team’s earliest years. After a fruitful partnership as members of X-Factor, the toll of Havok’s out of control abilities (and later his catatonic state), put distance between the couple. But upon being jolted back to consciousness in #421, Polaris pops the question to her one true love. And what a wedding that takes place.

Cannonball & Lila Cheney: “A Rock Fable”

in New Mutants Annual (1984) #1

Although short-lived, we’ll never forget when nice guy Cannonball fell for “sticky fingers” rock star Lila. In one weird Annual, Sam saves the teleporter mid-concert, gaining the New Mutants a backstage pass. Lila’s super into Sam’s sweet nature and so begins an oddly matched fling – along with showing him her Dyson sphere pad, Cheney introduces Sam to underground British punk and other dimensions!

Nightcrawler & Rachel Summers

in X-Men: Gold (2017) #7

While Excalibur teammates, Nightcrawler was too distracted by his crush on Meggan to notice that Rachel was the girl of his dreams. There was the time they got carried away with “swashbuckling” in Uncanny X-Men #450, but here, Rachel (now known as Prestige) solidifies their relationship.