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Warriors Three

Among the many legends and heroes of Asgard, three names stand together as the Golden Realm’s noblest defenders! Hogun, the Grim and silent warrior! Fandral, the Dashing and cunning charmer! Volstagg the self-proclaimed Lion of Asgard (with an appetite to match)! As inseparable as they are fearsome, the Warriors Three always stand for Asgard as Thor’s staunchest allies!


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Three's Company

For Odin and Asgard

in Journey Into Mystery (1952) #119

In the classic series Journey Into Mystery, Thor builds a crew and embarks on a mission to discover who has cracked the mighty Oversword of Asgard! Among these crewmen are the trio of Asgardians who will become Thor’s fastest friends! When Loki leads a mutiny against Thor, Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg remain loyal to the Thunder God and help him beat back the betrayers!

Make Way for Volstagg!

in Thor (1966) #189

The Lion of Asgard, Volstagg takes center stage! Thor is pursued by Hela – and nothing can stop her touch of death! Hiding in his mortal disguise of Dr. Donald Blake, the Thunder God is safe from her gaze…until Loki betrays his location! A race against time begins, and to warn Dr. Blake, Odin sends to Earth…Volstagg!? Witness Asgard’s mightiest appetite deal with such perilous foes as the New York City subway crowd!!

The Grim Justice of Hogun

in Thor (1966) #137

Another Tale of Asgard, this time spotlighting the silent warrior, Hogun the Grim! Hogun and his comrades are returning to Asgard, when they come upon a tragic sight – Hogun’s old comrade-in-arms, Saguta, slain by the villainous tyrant Mogul! With his friends by his side, Hogun undertakes a mission of justice and vengeance for his comrade and his people, and shows his noble heart that lives beneath his grim visage!

Face of a Rogue, Heart of a Hero

in Marvel Fanfare (1982) #36

Ever the womanizer, ever the scoundrel, Fandral the Dashing embarks on a quest of his own! In his journey to save a fellow Asgardian from a tragic fate, Fandral lives as a ladies’ man, wooing every maiden he sees. However, when a threat looms, the puckish swashbuckler shows his true colors as a noble defender of Asgard and all that is good! Read #34-37 for the full Warriors’ arc!

Brothers Stronger Than Blood

in Thor: Blood Oath (2005) #1

When Thor must embark on a quest of atonement, the Warriors Three will stand with him! Collecting ancient artifacts to appease the Frost Giants, each of the terrific trio puts their unique skills on display – the quick blade of Fandral, the resolve of Hogun, and the enormous strength of Volstagg – and they’re in for the fight of their lives!

Dog Day Afternoon

in Warriors Three (2010) #1

Asgard’s finest get their own series at last! When trouble stirs in the dark prison of the wolf Fenrir, it’s up to the Warriors Three to set out and thwart the danger. But there is more to this crisis than meets the eye, and it involves a never-before-told story from the trio’s past!