Captain America

Captain America

Captain America fought his way through his seventh solid decade as the Sentinel of Liberty in this captivatingly serialized ongoing, packed with equal parts pulpy knockdown drag outs and spy-tinged escapades. This volume of CAPTAIN AMERICA defined what it means to be the most patriotic hero in the Marvel Universe of today.

Captain America's Greatest Moments


in Captain America (2004) #1

The Red Skull once again has a Cosmic Cube in his possession, meaning that all of reality is once again in jeopardy. But when an assassin with a cybernetic arm puts a bullet through the Skull's chest, Cap and his partner Sharon Carter race against time to track down the purloined Cube and its mysterious new owner.


in Captain America (2004) #8

The cybernetic assassin stands revealed as Bucky, Captain America's long lost and thought deceased sidekick from World War II. With Cap emotionally wrecked from the revelation, several of Earth's mightiest allies rush to his aide-but the final battle proves to be one Steve Rogers has to fight alone.


in Captain America (2004) #11

Before confronting the brainwashed Winter Soldier head-on with the truth, Steve Rogers must first learn the truth. This issue breaks down Bucky's brutal transformation into the Winter Soldier, told by writer Ed Brubaker in a unique dossier-style with heartbreaking visuals from artist Steve Epting.


in Captain America (2004) #18

With his grief over Bucky's return temporarily shelved, Cap journeys overseas to team-up with his old allies Union Jack and Spitfire-two of England's top heroes. Together they must prevent a Neo-Nazi group called the Master Race from forcing their way into power, all while the Red Skull plots out his next scheme in the background!


in Captain America (2004) #25

In the fallout of CIVIL WAR, Captain America is in handcuffs with his public image tarnished-and then, the assassination. With Steve Rogers dead, his closest allies-Falcon, Sharon Carter, Winter Soldier, and Black Widow-race to arrest Cap's killer. As the story unfolds, however, they discover that the killer is closer than they realize!


in Captain America (2004) #34

The world needs a Captain America. After a lengthy stretch of time without one, Bucky Barnes finally steps in to fill that void. Armed with a new set of star-spangled armor, Steve Rogers' shield, and his soon-to-be-iconic pistol, the Winter Soldier accepts his promotion to the rank of Captain!


in Captain America (2004) #46

When a nefarious professor captures Bucky's World War II ally Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, the new Captain America has no choice but to gather a team to mount a rescue mission. Namor and Black Widow co-star in this story that once again brings out Bucky's Winter Soldier persona!


in Captain America (2004) #602

James Barnes is not the first man to take on the mantle of Captain America in Steve Rogers' absence. The mentally unstable William Burnside did just that way back in the 1950s, and now he wants to do it again-except this time he and his group of radical Watchdogs are pawns of the Red Skull!


in Captain America (2004) #616

Bucky's final days as Captain America begin in this story, which finds the leading man answering for the decades of crimes and assassinations he committed while operating as the Winter Soldier! With Steve Rogers back from the grave, how much longer can the new Captain America's cybernetic hand hold on to the shield?